11 thoughts on “You Mean To Tell Me That There Are Actually People Out There That Didn’t Learn This By Watching The Road Runner Cartoon?

  1. I told my kids that roadrunners don’t actually eat birdseed, they eat lizards, snakes and bugs, and that all those traps baited with Acme Bird Seed wouldn’t work anyway. They told me I might be overthinking this. On the other hand they’re the ones who said Shaggy (of Scooby Doo) was a stoner and that Scooby talking was just Shaggy hallucinating because Scooby only talks to Shaggy. I guess you can learn all kinds of crap from cartoons. Raising a pair of smart observant boys was often hilarious! They’re both in their 20’s now and they are still hilarious.


    • A coworker was trying to tell his kids about the risk of Giardia in drinking unfiltered water. They said “Oh you mean Beaver Fever?” He asked “Where did you hear that?” The reply “We learned it from Ren and Stimpy!”

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