“I Can Quit Anytime I Want”


Apparently not.

It dawned on me out of the blue yesterday that my Blogiversary is this month.

I had to go look it up and it’s actually on the 27th but the way my memory is anymore it would be prudent to make note of it while I still remember.

March 27th, 2006.

Fifteen years I been running my mouth here on the internet.

It’s actually longer than that but I have been Blogging that long now.

Pretty wild to put it into perspective on my end.

The longest I ever worked at one place is 9 years. I did that at two different places and if I can stay employed where I’m at now it will be 3 next year.

The amount of times I have moved in my life has been lost to the fog of time but the closest I could reckon the last time I tried to remember them all it was over 40 times.

Hell just in the last 15 years I bet I have moved 8 times.

Who knows how many vehicles I had had in that time span, I lost count of that shit years ago.



I know I am over 60 since the first one.

I was drinking hard when I started this gig. Oh some of the drunken rants I spewed back in the day.

Industrial Strength Vitriol, extremely vulgar too.

Something I come by naturally, I was raised with it from birth.

At least 6 blogs total since I started, I still have some that I haven’t posted at in years.

The original I think was 2019 the last time I updated it.

It’s still there.

I was quite the raving lunatic drunken Liberal back in those days.

I bet it would be interesting to go all the way back and see me slowly take a very Hard Right over the years.

Some things haven’t changed.

I still hate that two faced back stabbing cunt Mitch McConnell just as much or even more as I did back then.

That’s for damn sure.

It’s kind of mind blowing to me personally to think that I have been doing this so long.

Good times, bad times, it’s a rolling documentary of my views and personality I guess at this point.

Not like anybody is ever going to give a shit but it’s there anyway.

16 thoughts on ““I Can Quit Anytime I Want”

  1. Congrats! My 5th anni is the 19th of this month. I think of hanging it up lots of times…get real close, and then end up posting again. An obsession…
    I visit your blog daily.


  2. I’m trying to think back to when I discovered your place. I think it was about the time Knuckledraggin came on line, so 12=13 years, maybe? Anywho, congrats and thanks for the laughs and info over the years.


  3. Well sir, I for one am glad I fond your site. Mainly cause I like your go fuk yourself attitude, it fits mine as well. And Yup, Mitch McConnell is and always was a simple minded dumbass cunt along with all the rest of the so called “conservative republitards” in congress and throughout gumint…. Pelosie and the rest of her ilk aren’t qualified to be bat shit fukin crazy cause first you gotta have a brain that works to go crazy from. They are so fukin dumb they would make a box-o-rocks look like a bloody fukin geniuses. And ain’t any of them that together can put together a coherent sentence.
    I can relate to the moving part as well. I read where the average person moves maybe 12 times in his/her life. Near as I can member I’ve lived in 48-50+-10% different places in 5 different countries, can’t count the number of jobs I’ve had, have worn out 7 motorcycles, to many cars & trucks to count, at least a dozen 18 wheelers, 2 airplanes, and 9 boats……
    I’ve made and lost fortunes, spent most of my money on cars, trucks, airplanes, bikes, boats, booze, and women, the rest I just wasted…..But age is creeping up and I may only have another 4-6 moves left…. Jobs, fuk that shit, I just do what I want now…….That hasn’t changed throughout my life.
    So keep on keeping on Phil, I like ya just the way ya are, and If no one likes it. Well, FUK THEM and the broken assed old fleabag horse they rode in on……….. Cheers. mate – carry on……


    • “broken assed old fleabag horse.” I like mules better… at least they some brains and common sense and they really don’t take shit from anybody. I had a jumbo jenny mule that was trained as a racking mule, the ride was better then a Cadillac.


  4. Good blog here. Entertaining and down to Earth. One on the daily stop list.

    They say Dangerfield really hit it when he did the I Get No Respect thing as lots of guys can relate. I think that is part of your thing too. Work on the deck for a few days, world war 3 over cat’s paws. lol.


  5. 15 years huh? I am glad I have been a small part of that. You are the best Phil, I don’t care what Johno, Leigh and absent Deathray say about ya. Oh and kidme is the worst when your skinny ass is turned… heh. Oh and I haven’t got the mail yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Take us down memory lane. I think it’s be enlightening how you evolved from garden variety lib to sand American. Make it a stand-alone post.


  7. I had no idea you were a raving liberal. I would love to know what changed for you, what is the one thing that made you become conservative. I came from a shit hole country in South America. A clean and beautiful place. But scum bag leftist ran the country. What is happening now here in the great ol USA is deja vu for me. Take over healthcare, gun control, media, education. Do not forget political prisons. They are never named that but everyone knew. Anything could get you thrown in jail. Lying to an official. Think Gen FLynn. Anyway congrats on your many years of keeping us entertained.


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