The FBI And Federal Prosecutors Are Trying To Pin Charges Against Stewart Rhodes for the January 6th Capitol Breach.

So far they haven’t been able to do so but it is far from over. Read the following and then let the fact that they admit they have decrypted some of his communications sink in while you are at it.

I copy/pasted a good deal of this NY Times article just so you could read enough of it to get to that point,otherwise I would have had to just put up a link and let you go find it yourself.

I have a little more to say after the end of this article.

By Alan FeuerAdam Goldman and Katie Benner

  • March 10, 2021

F.B.I. agents and federal prosecutors are investigating Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers militia, for any role he might have played in the storming of the Capitol two months ago, according to court documents and a law enforcement official with knowledge of the matter.

While the inquiry is in its nascent stages, the official said, its existence shows that investigators appear to be targeting the senior leadership of the paramilitary group that Mr. Rhodes has run for more than a decade. If he were ultimately charged, it could amount to a crippling blow to the militia.

The Oath Keepers, who largely draw their members from the ranks of former military and law enforcement personnel, have from the start been a central focus of the sprawling investigation into the Capitol riot, which has led to charges against nearly 300 people. Eleven members of the group stand accused of a variety of crimes stemming from the siege, most prominently an alleged conspiracy reaching back to shortly after Election Day to break into the Capitol and interfere with Congress’s Jan. 6 certification of the Electoral College vote.

As three cases against his subordinates have moved through the courts, Mr. Rhodes, a former Army paratrooper, has been mentioned at least six times in legal filings as Person One, effectively putting him on notice that investigators are examining his conduct. Prosecutors have noted, for example, that two days before the Capitol attack, he issued a “call for action” on the Oath Keepers’ website, urging “all patriots who can be in D.C.” to “stand tall in support of President Trump’s fight to defeat the enemies foreign and domestic who are attempting a coup.”

In the same communiqué, Mr. Rhodes announced that the Oath Keepers would be sending “multiple volunteer security teams” to provide protection to “V.I.P.s” at events surrounding Mr. Trump’s speech and rally in Washington earlier on the day of the riot. The New York Times has identified a group of Oath Keepers who worked as security guards for Mr. Trump’s close ally and adviser Roger J. Stone Jr. at such events, and this week two of them — Roberto Minuta and Joshua A. James — were arrested in connection with the Capitol attack.

In court papers filed on Monday night, prosecutors significantly raised the stakes against Mr. Rhodes, saying that they now have evidence that he was in direct communication with some of the plot suspects before, during and after the assault on the Capitol. Prosecutors said they have recovered messages — batched together under the title “DC OP: Jan 6 21” — from the encrypted chatting app Signal connecting Mr. Rhodes to regional Oath Keepers leaders from around the country, including two who have been charged in the conspiracy case: Jessica M. Watkins of Ohio and Kelly Meggs of Florida.

(My bold)

In the Signal messages, prosecutors say, Mr. Rhodes can be seen assuring members of the group that “well-equipped Q.R.F.s” — or quick reaction forces — would be standing by outside Washington on Jan. 6 “in case of worst case scenarios.” Prosecutors also say that the chats show Mr. Rhodes monitoring events on the ground during the riot and, at one point, ordering a group of Oath Keepers to rally on the southeast steps of the Capitol, after which several members entered the building in what has been described as a military-style “stack.”

Prosecutors overseeing the investigation of Mr. Rhodes, who attended Yale Law School after his military service, have nonetheless struggled to make a case against him. The official with knowledge of the matter said his activities have so far have seemed to stay within the boundaries of the First Amendment.

Mr. Rhodes did not respond on Wednesday to messages seeking comment; he told The Washington Post that his group had “no plan to enter the Capitol.” A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment, as did an F.B.I. spokeswoman.

Still, even if no evidence can be found that Mr. Rhodes personally entered the Capitol, which would amount to clear proof of a crime, that does not preclude prosecutors from charging him as part of a larger conspiracy. In February, prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Ryan Ashlock of Kansas on conspiracy charges, asserting that he was part of a group of Proud Boys who traveled to Washington to “stop, delay and hinder the congressional proceeding” on Jan. 6 even though he never entered the building.

So they are literally admitting that they are trying to find something to pin on this guy, even if they can’t find anything specific, they think they can pin conspiracy charges against him.

They are also quite literally doing this to HUNDREDS of people who were at the Capitol that day.


Meanwhile, clear across the country in good old Portlandistan Oregon, this shit has been going on for the last 3 nights and not a damn peep about it,

Portland burns AGAIN: Federal agents shoot tear gas at Antifa protesters setting fire to American flags and smashing windows outside boarded-up courthouse

  • Antifa protesters set fires and damaged property during demonstration outside Federal Courthouse in Portland
  • Federal agents reportedly deployed teargas and pepper balls in a bid to disperse the unruly mob 
  • The protesters were reportedly demonstrating against ICE, however they have been staging often-violent demonstrations in the city on-and-off for months
  • Last summer, protests in Portland frequently descended into riots, with the Federal Courthouse having to be boarded up to prevent further damage 

In a related matter, that Slime ball George Soros owned Liberal fuck of a District Attorney in Portland is now under investigation for only prosecuting Right Wing protesters who get arrested while all this rioting and burning goes on down town.

Special Prosecutor Investigating  District Attorney Mike Schmidt for Biased Enforcement

Yamhill County D.A. Brad Berry has been assigned as special prosecutor to oversee an investigation into political and religious bias in the prosecution of Joey Gibson and Russell Schultz for violation of the Oregon anti-riot statute, ORS 166.015 during a political protest held outside the former Antifa hangout known as Cider Riot in Portland.

While a state court judge has found Mr. Gibson’s conduct to be within the protections of the First Amendment, and a federal judge recently declared that both “[Gibson and Schultz] make compelling arguments that their conduct does not rise to the level of ‘tumultuous and violent’ conduct under ORS 166.015,” District Attorney Schmidt has insisted on the continued prosecution of Gibson and Schultz despite turning hundreds of Antifa rioters loose for actual violent conduct.

I can’t call just how legit this is going to turn out to be but I do know a couple of things that may have some bearing on it.

Yamhill County is right next to Multnomah County.

Last year when all the riots and burning were going full throttle and the Portland Mayor wasn’t doing shit about it, the County tried to strong arm the cops and Sherrifs of the surrounding counties to send some cannon fodder over to assist the Portland Police because they knew shit was out of control but they didn’t want any help from Trump or the National Guard.

All those neighboring police and Sherrifs departments told them to go pound sand and refused to send any of their people.

So there could actually be a little animosity there between the District Attorney’s also.

I guess we are going to find out.

The message that is behind all of these politicized selective prosecutions is pretty clear though.

9 thoughts on “The FBI And Federal Prosecutors Are Trying To Pin Charges Against Stewart Rhodes for the January 6th Capitol Breach.

  1. when they come for you, they come in numbers,always did,always will. that said. if you want a
    fair trial-go to another country. rule of law is now whatever they say it is.
    look no farther than what happen during the past 5 years. the little guy is fucked if they want to
    look at what they did to mike flynn and got away with it. better to die on your feet.
    if they could do that and get away with it, what’s stopping them from doing the same to you or me
    the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to stop, although i doubt anyone can stop it now.
    stay safe, stay armed.


  2. Mr. ‘Oathkeeper’ isn’t your friend. Never has been, never will be. Do not think he hasn’t been in the pocket of .fed for a long while. He’s only being investigated because he’d probably considered ‘something’ else outside of his purview. He’ll pay for that as well.
    My interaction with him long ago left me feeling even dirtier than being involved with the con and his wife.
    Oathkeepers were never about their oath, but themselves. They aren’t 3%, they’re 1%.


    • If you were ever a member, you are on the list. I’ve been waiting for the knock on the door. Not that the defects at the FBI will ever get anything actionable from me.


      • Never a member, and recommended to everyone I knew at the time to stay as far away as possible. Again, after talking to him, I knew this was not going to turn out well for anyone involved except the ‘owner’…and that owner wasn’t him.


  3. There’s a new Soros DA covering my county, Oconee County, Georgia, and Athens/Clarke County next door, Oconee population is about 40,000 and Athens/Clarke is about 125,000. To over-simplify, all of Athens/Clarke (home of UGA, majorly Democrat) voted for Soros, and Oconee voted for the other guy. Soros won big. The new DA, Gonzalez, has the usual agenda, no Blacks prosecuted for anything, no bail, cops bad, etc. A majority of the ADA’s have resigned and there is a movement, doomed to fail, to split the districts so that us Republicans can have our own DA and Athens can stew in their own juice.


  4. Have we not seen this before? Perhaps ask General Flynn? KBI or FGB? Nope just call them what they are, KGB. Whatever they are, they are no longer what the FBI stood for. The rank and file have allowed those above to politicize the FBI The current crop of fed employee failures don’t merit the time of day. They think they can win. No one will win.


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