Heh, Now I’ve Done It

Oh yeah, The Wifely Unit is pissed off at me boy.

Not really even talking to me.


You may be asking yourself what could that lovingly sweet boy have possibly done to make his lovely bride so angry?

Besides breathing you mean?

I went out and treated that back deck that I pressure washed on Friday.

That’s what started it.

Why bother she says.

I wouldn’t mess with that she says.

On and on it goes.

As usual, I just let it flow over me and proceed on my merry way.

So this is what it looked like before,

Then after I spent 3 hours pressure washing the damn thing,

And now, after I used some heavy duty Mineral Oil.

Yeah, that last part.

“How long is it going to take for that shit to dry?”

Eh, couple days for it to soak in probably.

“Oh great, now the cat is going to walk on it and get that shit all over it’s paws.”

Heh, could be I says.

That’s all it took. Hello Dog House.


What I failed to mention is that it is indeed Mineral Oil and if that stupid cat does manage to ingest a bunch of it that it could be Super Regular for a day or so.

More Heh.

Yes, I am an ornery bastard and no I don’t give a damn.

That deck was in sore need of both a good cleaning and some water treatment.

Now that is done and off my list so I can move on to my next misadventure.

I’ll just let her be unhappy until she gets over it.

I have other things to worry about.

It’s not that I am an uncaring and heartless bastard, it’s just that I’m a guy and that shit needed to be done.

I am going to be using the hell out of that deck later when the weather gets nice BBQing shit

and tromping across it going back and forth cleaning that absolute disaster of a back yard.

There are already a couple of boards that I think need replacing and the step someone built on the other side that you can’t see is shot.

That’s not going to be cheap to replace because it’s 8 feet long and 3 boards wide.

That will be later.

In the mean time her sisters just showed up out of the blue wanting to borrow my air compressor to blow sawdust off of a couch.


Like you are just going to unbury and load up a 20 gallon air compressor and throw it in your trunk.

So if you will excuse me, I now have to go disabuse them of that notion.

11 thoughts on “Heh, Now I’ve Done It

  1. I am so glad to be out from under the direct and indirect influence of females. Females should be more like Stepford wives…. no evil purpose, just a damn off switch. Now, go make me a Dagwood sammich and an ice cold beer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “borrow my air compressor to blow sawdust off of a couch.”
    Woman doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner? Or has one and doesn’t know how to use it?
    I’d rather have a woman who sucks rather than blows.


    • Me too. She does have a vacuum cleaner but it doesn’t have any way to hook the hose up so it will blow instead of suck. I wound up loaning her mine that does after I showed her what moving and loading up that air compressor entails. Oh she says. Yeah, Oh huh.


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