Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

This kind of thing sets my teeth on edge.

All three of them.

Behold the shovel I bought a couple of years ago and have literally used twice since I bought it.

It has been inside of the garden shed out of direct sunlight and the weather ever since.

As you can see, it even still has the sticker on it.

You will notice that it has fiberglass handle on it.

I hate fiberglass handles on anything with a passion but at the time I couldn’t find a decent shovel that had a wooden handle for under $50 as I recall.

Oh sure, there were lots of shovels with wooden handles available. I said a decent one.

Everything I saw was complete and utter garbage, I could tell just by looking at it.

So against my better judgement I stepped up to the plate and spent a little more on what I had hoped would be a good shovel that would last a few years.

I see I was wrong again.

I dug the thing out a while ago so I could turn over the dirt in a raised bed that has been sitting unused due to a lack of sunlight.

I opened up the shed, moved some other garden tools out of the way and then reached in and grabbed this shovel.

I knew something was wrong the second I wrapped my hand around the handle.

Bigger than shit,

Plastic fucking garbage.

I used it to get my little chore done but now I’m going to have cut that crap off of there and find something else to cover up the bare fiberglass because without that covering it’s too skinny.

Yet another indication of cheap fucking shit.

I’m getting too old to be playing these games.

It might take me a while but I am going to find me the Real Deal good old fashioned real steel shovel with a Hickory handle on the sonofabitch and then I am going to put it under lock and key.

All of my other garden tools have wooden handles and I clean them up and oil them every year.

That’s why they are still in good condition.

There wasn’t a damn thing I could have done about that plastic crap coming apart that I am aware of.

22 thoughts on “Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

    • That is why I never ever buy shovels, axes, digging tools from homo depot or lowes or even Ace Hardware, shovels are damn cheap and not worth the money


    • Holy Crap, THANK YOU!!
      Exactly what I have been looking for and they are not only top quality, they are downright CHEAP compared to anything I can even find around here!
      They also have the exact axe handle I have been searching for that fits a Campers/Scout axe I’ve had laying around for years, for TEN BUCKS!
      Bookmarked that joint.


    • YOWZA!
      I just saw a shovel with a price tag of $189!!!
      I knew there had to be someone out there that still made quality stuff.
      Yeah, $110 for a damn shovel is expensive but I’m thinking it would damn well be the last one I ever needed to buy too.


  1. I bought a set of industrial yellow handled shovels, pointed, flat and after 20 years I still have them and they have never de-laminated or the shovel broke off. They cost me about 50 bucks a piece back then. They are marketed to phone/cable/electrical contractors. I am sure that is why I have had no problems with them. Stronger then hell and I have dug some damn Alabama Red Clay cement with them in August when it sets.


  2. WW Mfg. King of Spades…best damned shovels, spades, etc., made.
    Yeah, you’ll pay for them, but you won’t ( can’t ) break them – and you CAN pry with them!
    I’ve been horsing strongly taprooted oak, pecan, and hickory trees out of the ground with my KoS long-handled tree-digging spade for nearly 15 years and it’s just like it was when I bought it…though now with a little less paint.


  3. Never want to give up a wood handle, as they’re made for all day work. But, if you need brute force, this fucker is it in spades. Literally.
    All steel, my scrawny 170 (159 now, thanks to covid and 2 weeks) can stand on the handle with the blade stuck under a slab of concrete…and bounce up and down. Pop the end cap off or drill a hole, fog the inside with oil, and this thing will outlast my anger towards mankind.
    Will it fail me? Eventually, everything and everyone does. Just a matter of how long I let them in my life.


    • Oh, and something my old man taught me by not teaching me. 5gal bucket full of sand and enough used motor oil to make the epa concerned…somewhere between Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez. In other words, well saturated. Between uses, put your wooden handled tools as deep inside as you can. To where the bottom of those openings where the handle sticks in, and sticks out the bottom. Keeps them from rusting, and the oil wicks up the handles to help protect them against the constant wet/dry of using them.
      His other lesson…small coffee can, block of canning wax (paraffin) and enough kerosene to cover it. Toss in a small rag. When you are finished with the tools, wipe the handles with the well saturated rag. Kerosene takes the wax into the handles, and protects it from the sweat. This protection translated over to the bigger buckets with the same mix used all over the farm for protecting wagons, beds and the items we couldn’t just soak the shit out of with the used oil. If ‘food’ touched it, it was the good stuff. If they couldn’t, well, at lot of that wood is still in those fields and I’d be hesitant to touch it without gloves on 😉


  4. What with the history of the visitors on this site gifting you, be careful what you wish for, Phil. You may need a new shovel shack before it’s done.


  5. A. M. Leonard used to be my go to supplier back in the day, don’t know what they offer now. It used to be great quality and selection of commercial landscape tools and supply. Could have changed.


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