11 thoughts on “It’ll Be Just Fine

  1. I’ve actually done that but not to a cylinder head. A thermostat housing and a couple other flanges turned out fine. I did hand file a Briggs & Stratton cylinder head.


  2. Well that’ll maybe get it to start and run when it’s done…
    But I don’t think the 2nd & 3rd order effects are going to be pleasant.


  3. I was taught to do that, on a flat mostly smooth shop floor, for water pump housings. It shows you if the housing is warped and puts a fine but rough finish for the gasket to seat against.

    Of course, that was a Datsun B210 in the late 70’s, so…


  4. Who needs a head planer when the street is handy. Don’t know where this fellow is located but in Peru roadside mechanics will literally do a complete engine rebuild on the side of the street. Have seen a trucker re-welding a broken axle with oxy acetylene by parking the truck over a roadside gully. Same ditch serves as the oil drain catch basin, straight into the ground.

    Hope y’all are ready for this level of expertise in the “New Socialist States of America”.


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