Cuomo Is A Goner. The Real Question Now Is Who Is Going To Replace Him?

NY Guvna Andrew Cuomo has been set up nicely.

At least six wimmins have come out of the woodwork to accuse him of being a little too touchy feely now.

Add on to that 50 of his fellow Shit Weasel Democrats have already called for his head, there are multiple agencies investigating his ass, Impeachment charges have been levied and on and on and on.

He swears he isn’t going to resign.

Even better the way I see it.

Drag that fuckers dirty laundry out and let them pick through it for all to see.

All of this is fine and dandy, but since this looks to be a very coordinated political hit job, my thoughts run to ask who it is the cannibals have in mind to drop back into that position so that they can keep right on doing what they have been doing.

The old Plug and Play model.

A quick search showed me that I am not the only one this thought has occurred to.

The answer would be this.

Kathleen Courtney Hochul is an American politician serving as Lieutenant Governor of New York since 2015. She previously served as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 26th congressional district from June 1, 2011, to January 3, 2013.Wikipedia

I dunno about you but one look at that and my gut tells me not to eat any apples she wants to give you. It’s also screaming Menopause at me, that picture is 4 years old.

So there it is. These Democrats are as easy to see through as Saran Wrap.

Cuomo the bad, mysanthropic ,stick sick people in old folks homes to die,old white guy with way too many nasty little deeds about to get exposed, has got to go.

The replacement is a Muh Wimmins Rights Estrogen Factory Insider who is literally a Plug and Play unit tailored perfectly to step right in and start playing ball.

I’m so glad I don’t live there.

We already have Commie Sympathizers at every single top political position in this state.

As far as I know our asshole Guvnuh isn’t taking Estrogen supplements though.

I could be wrong but I really don’t want to know.

It’s bad enough as it is.

19 thoughts on “Cuomo Is A Goner. The Real Question Now Is Who Is Going To Replace Him?

  1. Holy shit. She could drop a redwood in under half an hour!

    One has to wonder how (and whom) badly Cuomo pissed off TPTB to be thrown under bus this quickly and blatantly. Keep your head on a swivel, because this boomerang is gonna come back full-circle very rapidly.

    If he’s anything like his corrupt, Mafia-tied old man, he’s taking assholes down with him. You KNOW he’s got the goods on a LOT of Commucrats.


  2. Oh good, another gretchen whitmer… have fun boys, cause it is a estrogen girls club and you ain’t in it. I have to feel sorry for Leigh, I would send you a bag of M&M’s peanuts, but the way things are going with male depicted cartoon images they will be canceled and banned.


    • M&M’s have a female, represented. At least that is what the ads depict.

      I really don’t know what caused the establishment to turn on him so quickly? I dare say it is the impending Nursing Home Death kerfuffle that is at the root. So instead of him taking the fall for that; they are parading a never ending stream of slighted women to #metoo him to death.
      Apparently he was quoted as saying he wasn’t going to submit to being “cancel cultured” out of office. Live by the whims of the mob, die by them as well.
      Personally, I hope they drop the whole state on him.

      Whitehall, NY


  3. As a resident of upstate NY (not at all a part of the metro NYC area) Cuomo is toast. He may survive his term but his chances of re-election are gone. The Lt Gov is an invisible political figure who has been buried by Cuomo’s constant self promotion machinery. She has not a chance to run for the office let alone get the nomination for 2022..

    I would watch the New York AG Letitia James as a highly likely candidate. She is a typical slimey city democrat who resembles Cuomo more than you may think. She is a operator and a manipulator and a vengeful politician who is willingly investigating Cuomo at present as well as Trump and a lot of other notables. She is using her office as the vindictive arm of the democrat party at present attacking any and all enemies and otherwise consolidating support for what we have seen as her run for governor in 2022.

    FYI Cuomo was AG for Gov Elliot Spitzer (Client number 9) and ran the next time the governor’s position came up after Spitzer’s resignation and won. Now you see why Letitia James is doing what she is. Same path.

    Upstate has little or no input in any of this activity in Albany. We are so out numbered by the Metro area that we are virtually powerless. Much like Washington or Oregon as far as their major cities controlling the politics for their respective states. Upstate is more like middle America than anything else outside of the democratic controlled crime centers in the 5 major cities in upstate.


    • Where abouts,”Up State”, Glenda?
      No need to be too specific, just a general area would suffice.

      Bonus points for being above Poughkeepsie.
      2x for above Albany.
      3x for above Lake George
      5x for above Plattsburgh.

      Whitehall, NY


  4. He served his purpose and must be disposed of. The Party above all!

    Hope he does have the goods on a bunch of proggies. Hope he isn’t clintoned before he exposes them.


  5. Anyone who wants the job should be shot. No righteous man would ever want to be a politician. None of them can be trusted just look at the RINOS who voted for latest gun control.


    • What the party is doing is clearing the decks of potential candidates for 2024. We now know or surmise that it won’t be Cuomo and probably not Newsom with the recall petition gaining traction in CA. Newsom and Cuomo, until now, were the anointed. However the party’s real leaders, the ones in the shadows with the BIG $, have apparently taken a dislike to both Newsom and Cuomo. Perhaps some shady power guy or couple lost a parent or other relative to the Covid nursing home fiasco and is really pissed off about it. In any event, the 2024 nominee won’t be Cuomo or Newsom, although stranger things have happened.


  6. There was an article in The Post a little over a month ago that stated that there are several bills in the state house that Cuomo refuses to sign, one of them being a wealth tax. These bills will take the state to the left of CA – if you can believe that – in so many ways that the current stream of people leaving the state will turn into a deluge. Cuomo is a scumbag, but he isn’t that stupid, he knows the state is hemorrhaging money and he has to dial it back a bit. The rest of these leftists however, could not care less, they want it done and they want it done now.
    Isn’t it convenient how all of these allegations pop up now that he has told them that for the time being, he won’t play ball? The truly scary thing is is that according to an interview I heard with a guy named Fred Dicker (Albany beat, NY Post) there are people in both state houses who actually make Cuomo look reasonable, if you can believe that.


  7. Heres an idea well past it’s time for most states not just nu jork.
    How about putting the name of every resident in the state into a hat and reach in and pick one – you’re it for the next four years. Same should be done for the legislatures of all the states as well. For fuks sake, you couldn’t make it any worse than it already is… And you’d probably have more laws that actually made sense than this shitfest of bullshit you gotta deal with now…. 4 years and you’re turned loose to return to life living with laws you yourself made….. (so there is the incentive to not fuk it up)
    What the fuk, how could it turn out any worse than it is now…..
    Thats my 2 cents. Worth about .0000120 of a cent now in Beijing’s & her highnasty kneepads clusterfuck domain…


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