The last two weekends in a row were a bust for me as far as being able to get out in that garage and really do anything.

I just spent most of the afternoon today pressure washing that damn deck.

The Wifely Unit has plans to go over to her sister’s place and watch movies tonight. She really doesn’t get a chance to get out of the house except for that, picking up vittles and going to her parents when they need help so I have no problem helping her get a couple hours of escape time.

The Kid is currently at home with Strep Throat and generally making a nuisance of himself.

I am going to call it done.

I am heading out to the garage and hanging a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the freaking door handle.

There is so much that needs doing out there it went right past ridiculous straight to YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

Ain’t no damn rest for the wicked right?


All the best intentions right?

I no more than hit the publish button to post this and the door bell rang. UPS guy dropping something off. . Then TWU pulls in the driveway with a load of vittles that need to be hauled in the house. Then the Triage of what needs to go in the freezer out in the garage, which is somehow my duty.

Since it is now 5:20 in the evening and I haven’t eaten a damn thing all day, she is throwing some El Cheapo frozen pizzas in the oven so I might as well just bag it and wait until I feed my face.

Then she is also going to take our taxes over to her sisters and do that while they have their little yak fest.

Maybe by then I will be able to slide out in the garage eh?

I’m shooting for 7:00 at the earliest at the rate things are going.


  1. It is 6:30PM, are your skinny ass out in the Tool Palace yet? I realize I am just an ignorant Idaho spud, but what is TWU? Here in backwoods upper Idaho we have to git to them thar hills behind us to get our vittles and kill it ourselves and then blacken it over fire….


  2. Been trying for a week to get down and lathe a bolt pin for a Russian Berdan II rifle. Just not working out………..damn life.


  3. Once I found a place that would fab a Drag Link for my RV’s steering (it’s obviously a custom part!!), it freed me up to get more crap done before I pull outta here at the end of April and head to Logan.
    I feel your pain, Phil – too much stuff pulling you in too many directions at once!

    “Stop the World, I wanna get off!”


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