Gettin’ With The Program!

Four days to replace a washed out Railroad Bridge.

Sheeeeit, they can’t even keep the roadways paved around here with unlimited time and equipment.

Four days. That is pretty damn impressive.

I’m wondering where they came up with that precast section. Just how many of those do they have laying around and who does that anyway?

The Germans, that’s who.

17 thoughts on “Gettin’ With The Program!

  1. And they’d have done it in two, if there had been French or Russians shelling them and a line of panzers waiting to cross.


  2. That’s the reason it took us so long to beat them. The Krauts have always
    been compulsive workers. Put them in a Nazi uniform and they will work their
    asses off!


  3. I’ve watched one of the local railroads replace bridges on a section of rail next to a highway over the last year. They replace one in less than a week, but the preparation is about two weeks. Precast sections are used, the work is done in windows to prevent too much time between trains, and the work replaces wood structures with concrete.

    I’m impressed. Such things in the past would have taken weeks.

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  4. Um… Pssst. It’s happening here, in the United States.

    In Florida.

    Brightlines, a high-speed passenger rail company (non-government subsidized) is pairing with the Florida East Coast Railroad (FEC) to double or triple track the FEC’s lines from Miami to Cocoa, and then build a double track from Cocoa to Tampa through Miami.

    And they’re doing just what you showed, for a double track line, under the 528 highway in Cocoa. They’ve almost finished building the 3 part casement, and will be shutting down the interstate and shoving the culverts underneath it using hydraulic pushers.

    Check out ‘The Roving Railfan’ on YouTube.

    All of this is done with private monies. And they’re doing it much better and faster than California (of course) including building new bridges, new yards, new facilities, rail overpasses, terminals etc.

    All to connect the tourist ports of Tampa, Cocoa and Miami with Miami International Airport, Orlando International Airport and the themeparks of Disney,(directly with a station on Disney property,) Universal, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens. (through bus and shuttles.)

    It’s not just the Germans doing it. Hell, they even did it in New Jersey, land of overbearing Unions.


  5. The bridge a half mile south of my house was replaced with a precast unit a few years ago. They had to wait until the driest month to build dams up and down stream of the bridge and run a huge centrifugal pump non-stop to transfer the water. The span is about 20 feet, the depth at least 12 feet, and the road is two lanes with generous shoulders as the farmers use it for their equipment. When they bring in a wheeled crane in order to erect a bigger crane that comes in pieces on three or four trucks you know that serious weight is involved.


  6. It is likely that the precast section was part of Germany’s war stocks, and intended to allow rapid repair of bridges taken out during a Russian bombing.


    • When you read about the 100s of millions of cubic feet of reinforced concrete poured by the Germans during World War II, it is amazing there is any grass left on that continent.


  7. Probably the most industrious people in the history of man. That’s why it took 3 countries to defeat a tiny country. Still that way somewhat but the globalist have been and are still killing it off.


  8. I was delivering precast pieces for a building. (there are decks and walls and they get welded together, I’m sure everyone has seen these go up). One day I”m off to the concrete yard to pick one up, it’s not ready, I wait and wait, I ask why am I waiting for this?

    Well it’s the last piece and it was delivered yesterday but it was wrong (cutout on the wrong corner, flipped blueprint), no one caught it. So they had to form it, pre-stressed cables, etc, poured it and dried it in under 15 hours and threw it on my truck (only 55ft long, 10ft wide, downtown, always fun) because the crane was going away at 2pm that afternoon and this piece had to be laid to finish the building, the crane had to go to yet another job there was no slack time left.


  9. Amazing just how fast things get done when all the tricky parts are already put together, and all you have to do is plug-n-play. True of ANY construction project!

    I live several hundred feet from the Northern main line of Burlington Northern&Santa Fe. They are going to make it dual trackage through the Spokane Valley, and have about 7 major roads to go over and under, as well as a dual- or triple-track bridge. This project has been in the works for DECADES, as well as the Northern Bypass for autos/trucks. Same story, it’s been planned for 20 years!! now! We get MAJOR Unit as well as Manifest trains go by, every 5 minutes from about 3 A.M. until 12 Midnight.

    However, I’m looking forward to seeing just how fast they can do those over/underpasses for the right-of-way in spite of the DOE (both Wasgington State and Federal…)!


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