Another Reader Has Completely Blown My Mind With His Selfless Generosity!

Jerry sent me a box full of goodies that must have cost him an arm and a leg just to get it here but when I opened it and started pulling things out I was so stunned and overwhelmed that I will admit that I was fighting back tears.

Absolutely incredible generosity.

I was so stunned that I basically went into shock.

The box was jammed full and every time I pulled something else out I just couldn’t hardly believe my eyes.

He said he has Two of the Smithy 3 in 1 machines, one is set up to use just as a lathe and the other one is set up for milling. He read that I didn’t have the Compound for my machine and that I wasn’t having any luck finding one.

In a massive gesture of generosity, he offered to send me not only a Compound, but a full set of basically Unobtanium Change Gears so I can use the Threading function when I get proficient enough.

That alone is way above and beyond.

Well, he took two steps and jumped over the Moon on top of that.

I literally couldn’t hardly believe my eyes.

Brand new, still in the boxes.

A #3 and a #4 Morse Taper Dead Center so I can now check the lathe for alignment.

A complete compound, with a Quick Change Tool Post.

Brand new, still in the box Knurling tool, Boring Bar holder and a Parting Tool Holder that fit the Quick Change Tool Post.

An extra set of Jaws for the Chuck.

The Original Tool Post.

Smithy brand cutting tool set

And a complete Change Gear set.

I don’t think you can even find those.

All packed tightly and separated by individual pieces of foam padding into a relatively small box .

After I got it all unpacked I just sat there looking at everything because my brain couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.

I finally came in and sat down to try and write a Thank You note to Jerry but all I could do was stare at the keyboard.

Words utterly failed me.

I finally got something totally inadequate sent off and I saw he already replied to me. He said that all of this stuff was just sitting in drawers not being used but the reason he sent it to me was because I mentioned that I want to learn how to machine metal and make things.

I meant what I said and this gentleman just gave me the opportunity to do just that, on top of all of the already mind blowing generosity I have been the lucky recipient of.

Speaking of generosity.

Because of those of you who went out of your way and donated through the makeshift Paypal button I put up, I had enough money put aside to jump on a deal from Grizzly and purchased something that I am going to need at some point in the future when I get proficient enough at using the Mill on this machine. Being a 3 in 1 machine, it has certain limitations. One of those being that it has a fixed Milling head. You can’t tilt it.

Grizzly had a Tilting Angle table on Sale so I ordered it and that also got delivered while I was at work. I haven’t even gotten around to opening that box up yet.

At this point I now have the ability to check the lathe section for alignment and have the capability to use the full functionality of this machine. Something I never thought I would be able to do because of the inability to get things like the Change Gears.

I am so beyond grateful to everyone who has helped me out here that I am not certain there are words to describe it in the first place.

I guess this will have to do,


I am going to be very busy out in that garage as soon as I get a day off.

28 thoughts on “Another Reader Has Completely Blown My Mind With His Selfless Generosity!

  1. Phil, I have a theory about the generosity of your readers. There is a dwindling cadre of machinists in this country and boys are not attracted to the fine arts. With your budding skills set and a true willingness to want to learn the trade even at the advanced age you possess, they understand this and want to see you blossom so to speak. With the upcoming Hunger games we are going to need a home based, skilled machinist for our everyday needs and tools and yes, weapons. They want to help you attain that. They are like parents at Christmas watching their young children open up their presents, you are that child. Enjoy and be thankful for these truly lovely men (I don’t mean anything gay either) for their wanting you to succeed. Plus you are a nice guy under that mo fo, bad assed exterior…..

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  2. After pissing away 85 bucks online for mostly health-related shit, I was
    reminded that I had a geek streak in me since my teens. When I was
    13 the family moved to Long Beach CA. About a half-block to the South
    there was an electronics store that carried the classic Grundig multi-
    channel radio with a rotating RDF antenna. I would have killed to own
    one! Fast forward to 1980 and my dad had a dinky ass Bayliner cabin
    cruiser with an RDF marine band radio. My dad didn’t know shit about
    triangulation so I switched to a few AM/FM commercial stations and drew
    the lines to our current position on a marine chart.

    Look at the price tag on this piece of geek gourmet and imagine how
    much more reliable it would be than the ghetto-blaster size analog
    version in 1969:


  3. And boys and grills, its acts like this that make merka, and the principles it was founded on along with its Christian values the greatest and most successful country in all of history. To say nothing of the most generous & forgiving people alive… Wassist, not hardly……
    What you put out and sow Phil, you will also reap……..

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  4. It is amazing how some folks are so giving. I’ve got a mentor that helps me like that. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without his help.

    Good on you man!


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