On Second Thought

Yeah, maybe NO.

Not only is it rusting out, it’s all caved in along the back side.

I was just out cleaning out The Boomerang Box, dumping old tools by the handful into my bucket of EvapORust and trying to fix the messed up drawer slides.

After I got the bottom drawer out that was hanging down onto the bottom of the little chest unit and pulling a very rusty front panel out of the muck, I grabbed the shop vac and sucked up all the loose rust and debris out of the bottom of the thing.

About twenty seconds of inspection and thinking about what it would take to salvage the thing, I remembered I already have a couple of hundred little projects fighting for my time.

Then I remembered that I am now 61 fucking years old, which was oh so vividly pointed out to me when I tried to get back up to a vertical position and I decided I ain’t fucking with this thing.

The little Top Box isn’t bad but the bottom box is now recycling material.

The wheels and drawer slide rails I will save, the rest is going to be a new Honda trunk lid sometime next year.

So, I will be looking at what good old Horror Fright has to offer as a replacement for it.

I’m sure they will have a reasonably priced unit just sitting there waiting to come home with me.

I did find a 15/16’s Snap On hydraulic fitting wrench down in the bottom of one of the drawers. A really thin wrench just for getting at hydraulic fittings in tight places.

That alone would probably set a guy back 80 bucks so I am going to call it even. There were actually quite a few more salvageable tools in that little box than I first suspected. A whole bunch of them are currently taking a bath.

I figure if I let them soak until I can get through tomorrow at work then I will clean those up too.

I am expecting a couple of packages getting dropped off today according to their tracking status so there will be even more stuff to find a place to put away.

That trip to Harbor Freight may be happening sooner than I had really planned on now that I think about it.

18 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  1. atta boy man.
    your time is your time.but you gotta know when to throw junk in the fucking garbage.
    like you said, 61 fucking years old is no time to be jacking off trying to save a few dollars on something.you know the saying about time and money.


  2. Sawzall it leaving a “skateboard” of the bottom framework and wheels. Park your file cabinets or some other otherwise difficult to move shop spacehog.


  3. I was rather surprised at the quality of the Horrible Fright tool boxes. They have really come a long way. The last place I was at had a few of the roll around work cabinets. As good or better than the Waterloo’s that proceeded them.
    Earlier this week, I looked into a bottom chest to put my 26″ Craftsman top box on. It was about $300 for the HF box, but they all had to be special ordered. None stocked at my local branch. Figures.

    I did see that Lowes has Craftsman 26″ bottoms for $249 to $279, depending on which one you get.

    I missed the really cheap one. It is a little small, though. But what do you want for $120 ?

    Whitehall, NY


    • This got hung up in comment moderation because it has more than one hyperlink. I got a notification about it and approved it. That little cheapy box would fit my needs actually.


  4. The first pic I thought you had pulled the vinyl or carpet back in the foot well of your new truck or you dropped the gas tank and looked inside….


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