Throwing The Lefties Into Meltdown Mode By Using Their Own Tactics Against Them Is Hilarious!

I laughed out loud when I read this.

People are starting to use Lefties’ nonsensical language against them and it’s absolutely beautiful: Meet #SuperStraight and #BlueAnon

I found the link from Instapundit , who is on the updating blogroll at my old place.

I check that multiple times every day to keep up.

This one really hit the bullseye.

The other term that broke through the cultural barrier was “Blue Anon,” playing on the Left’s habit of classifying anything they think is a conspiracy under the banner of “QAnon.”

The Left is freaking out so bad over this tactic that they are trying to kill it before it goes viral.

Good luck with that.

More importantly, both Urban Dictionary and Google CENSORED this term from search results.

How you liking that shit you freaks?

5 thoughts on “Throwing The Lefties Into Meltdown Mode By Using Their Own Tactics Against Them Is Hilarious!

  1. How stupid can those satan-worshiping democrat cannibals be? Who’d a thought those child sex traffickers would be smart enough to hack voting machines and flip votes away from Trump, but so stupid they let down ballot Republicans win more seats than expected. Hell, those shape-shifting lizard people are too busy drinking baby blood cocktails to calibrate the Jewish space lasers that Soros paid for. wwg1wga


    • The were in a time crunch; they only had time to flip the Trump votes.
      The down-ballot stuff will have to wait until 2022.


    • Please ensure you always limit your irony with respect to its Schwarzschild radius. Don’t go making an information-black-hole and accidentally meme us out of existence.


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