Not A Bad Deal I’d Say

35 Chucking Reamers for $30 delivered.

The batch at the top left is 17 Lavallee and Ide reamers, the top right bunch are various brands and the bottom bunch are No Names.

I was on Fleabay looking for something else and saw this going for one $6 bid with two hours left so I bid it and then put in a high bid of $27.50.

I figured if I win that’s fine and if I don’t then somebody wanted them worse than I did.

They came out of an estate sale.

I wound up getting them for $17.50, $2.31 tax and $9.99 shipping.

Just for giggles, I googled up to see what one L&I 1/2 inch reamer was going for and figure I got the whole lot for the price of 2 new ones, without tax and shipping.

Or, less than a dollar apiece if you want to look at it that way.

These are the kinds of deals that the way I see it, if I actually use just one of these, one time, it has paid for the whole lot.

Because when you need one and don’t have it, you are going to spend that $30 and then some just getting one coming.

When they get here I will look for duplicates, pick out the best looking ones if there are any and give the extras to my buddy.

Win Win.

4 thoughts on “Not A Bad Deal I’d Say

  1. hey phil, you might want to keep a few of them, as they are made of good tool steel.
    years ago, when machine shops where folding like anything,late 80-90’s my buddy got jobs
    cleaning them out, he had tooling by the 55 gallon barrel to scrap ! i spent the better part of
    a day going thru it. keep the big and long sizes- to make other tools/stuff.
    made a cherry for a bullet mold a few years ago, it turned out fine. but really, if they good ones
    the steel is great for other things as well, i made firing pins, pin in general, whatever
    don’t waste it. i throw them in the wood stove over night to soften, them machine them.
    heat treat with a mapp torch , works so far. need any square lathe bits ?
    i have a few pounds of them, 3/16 to 1/2 inch they handy for stuff
    also have a few extra 6 inch chucks-3 jaw, monsters i had planned on selling, never got around to
    it. i think they cushman’s. need back plates though.


  2. Ok, I’m just going to lay it out there……I have no idea what all this machining stuff is about. My forte is woodworking. But I have always had an interest in metal working. Took a metalworking class a l o n g time ago; but never pursued it.
    Any way possible to get some pics on the way you use all of these tools? I realize that may be too much to ask; but a pic is worth a thousand words, they say.
    Thanks ahead of time and glad that you scored with these tools.


    • I set limits after I got started on this trip. If I paid more than 30% of new, it better be a smoking deal! I’ve only done that a few times. It is amazing what is out there to be had. Great score, man. Good eye.


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