If You Are Planning On Using Crypto Currency For All Of Your Transactions In This Country I Would Like To Show You Something

Now you can use it.

And now you can’t.

With the state of our aging and completely vulnerable to sabotage power grid in this country my thinking is that you gotta be out of your fucking mind if you think crypto currency is going to take over for cash around here.

One good wind storm and you are shit out of luck.

But hey, those of you who think that’s the way to go?

Be my guest.

Wind storm power outages, September 2020

9 thoughts on “If You Are Planning On Using Crypto Currency For All Of Your Transactions In This Country I Would Like To Show You Something

  1. Are all those outages from one power provider or multiple? I’m not sure the way it works in Oregon.
    If it’s just one, you’re at their mercy just like we here in NorCal are at the mercy of PG&E.


    • Pacific Gas and Energy.
      Bonneville Power makes most of the electricity but PGE is the one who transmits it and fucks everybody like a two bit whore.


      • Thanks, Phil. It could be worse. You could be paying 25¢ per KwH like I do. And that’s only if I can keep it in the lowest rate ‘tier’, which in summer I can’t. Tier 2 is over 31¢.


  2. Interesting. We live in that area, and never lost power during the storm. I did have two generators standing by, and the travel trailer prepped with propane, just in case. But we were comfy and cozy the entire time.


  3. Hard currency, precious metals (lead & brass, p’raps?), tools you can operate with one hand and three sources of heat & light that don’t require anything more than a match. Powered, whether fuel or electric, is nice to have but when things go south it’s really good to be comfortable with using just the basics. Generators take fuel and fuel pumps take electricity to operate. Lose the electric for more than a few days and you’re in the dark again unless you’ve stockpiled the dinosaurs to run things.


  4. Enter the dragon. Read “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel. Well researched and written, explains how very fragile our grid is, and the power companies know it. Yet we keep paddling along basing the survival of our entire economy more and more on an unending and uninterrupted supply of cheap electrical energy. There are other books out there that cover the same but all come to the same conclusion. No matter how it’s worded or danced around by flowery words and phrases by politicians and billionaires around the world trying to sell their “ideas” and digital currency of the day. Without an unending uninterruptible cheap supply of electricity we are totally fucked.
    Unless you have it in your pocket, you are destitute and worse than broke. We will be living right smack back in the early 1800’s I kid you not…… And when that happens, the forces that controlled society then will surface once again, only this time the evil forces will be 100 fold…… We will be living in a “World Made By Hand”.
    Hard to say at this time which will win out, the country splitting into two factions or teetotal implosion of the economy spread through the world within weeks..
    At this point it’s a coin toss, and beijing slo Joe & jar jar kneepads spread eagle and their handlers keep the coin flipping…….

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    • This why I have been educating myself for years and years on how things were done before cheap electricity and also why I have been collecting antique tools and machines that can be converted back to leather belt driven use.
      If I had the room I would build me a wood gassifier tomorrow just for that purpose.


  5. Crypto is just another form of “fiat” currency. It exists and works as currency ONLY because people trust in the ‘system’ behind it. That is no different than the green inked paper the US
    issues….when the trust ends that paper is no longer worth anything. The only difference being
    paper money works with or without electricity. As long as a society is functional then ANY
    form of currency can be used. When that trust fails history proves only Precious Metals are


  6. Debit cards, credit cards, apple pay, google pay, Garmin pay, a country that’s drowning in debt; I’m going to say we’re already using “crypto” currency.


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