7 thoughts on “Your Eyes Better Than Mine?

  1. Nope, it’s not your eyes. I’ve seen another pic of this somewhere and it has a paddle brake that rubs against the front of the back tire. Looked like it was a square of plywood to be honest, of course don’t know what it was faced with.



    • That’s what I was guessing, Wes. It was all I could figure could be used as a brake that wouldn’t show up on that picture. A system much like the brakes used on horse drawn wagons. Primitive, but effective. Especially when working on a surface area as huge as that fat back tire.


  2. Nah, doesn’t matter. If that front end has ANY rake to it, he’s not steering that pig anywhere but a straight line anyway. And with that big a contact patch and a sticky racing compound, it’s a wonder he can even untrack the damn thing. Looks cool, though.


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