I Guess I’ll Call It The Boomerang Box

The Lord works in mysterious ways all right.

After the extremely generous donations from you readers here lately I noticed I was very quickly running out of room to put some things and was mildly entertaining the thought of actually having to go buy another small tool box.

I already had a bunch of stuff sitting around in boxes from moving that great big green storage cabinet. Moving that meant I had to move a couple of Kennedy boxes and they were chock full of steel already. I just hadn’t gotten back around to putting it all back yet.

So night before last I get a text from one of my brothers, wanting to meet at one of my other brothers, to discuss some family business.

I went over there yesterday and wound up being there for several hours.

After we took care of business, my little brother asks me if I want to take a look at a couple of things that he had been paying to store at $200 a month, FOR THE LAST 12 YEARS !

Why of course I would.

So we walk over to this little garage that is literally overflowing out into the driveway.

I take a look at a couple of things, give him a maybe, damn I would but don’t have room and things like that. While I am standing out in front of this mess, something caught my eye and looked real familiar.

That Team Cougar decal jumped right out at me. Not something you will find just anywhere. A little closer look underneath all the shit piled up over and stacked around it confirmed my suspicions.

It was an old Craftsman roll away that I had given him so long ago that even now, I can’t remember when or where I bought it.

I do know that it had to have been before 1999 because it has stickers on it from the dealership I quit working at in ’99.

That Team Cougar was one and if you look at the top box you can see a Ron Tonkin dealership decal.

Holy crap I says. if you ain’t using that thing I sure as hell can.

Not only has he not been using it, he doesn’t even know what’s in it.

So we dug it out and went through it. There was mostly just a bunch of crap tools in it. He took what he wanted, I told him to leave the vintage wrenches in it and we loaded the thing up in my truck.

The bottom box is all fucked up. Both drawers are off the slides and jammed and there is a bunch of rust along the bottom in the back.

Add it to the list I guess. The top box is still in good shape though and like I mentioned, even still has a bunch of old wrenches I gave him back in the day. A couple of them still have masking tape tags with what I paid for them at garage sales stuck to them.

It’s almost cosmic that I had completely forgotten about that box and here it pops up two days after I was thinking about having to go buy one.

The Good Lord looking after my sorry ass yet again.

The lid for the bottom cover is laying down in the bottom of the thing so when I get some time the whole thing is going to get a good going over and then I am going to have to figure out what I am going to put in it.

I still have my very first roll away, that are basically the exact same boxes except it has all drawers in the bottom box. It is still some kind of red color and both boxes have quite literally been dropped out of the back of a truck MORE THAN ONCE. It is stuffed way back in the corner of the garage where I can just barely get to it. It’s basically full of crap also.

I may have to move a metric ass load of shit around and dig that one out too. Because they are so small they are fairly easy to move around and I could put a whole bunch of stuff that I use all the time in them and then maybe not have to climb over and around a bunch of other shit to get to my bigger boxes for that kind of crap all the time. Then again, some serious Triage and a couple runs to the dump might get the same results…

We shall see. In the meant time I have to get ready to go to work here shortly.

All 3 days off I just had had other people taking up my free time so I didn’t get a chance to do a damn thing out in that garage. That is two weeks in a row and I am just going to tell everyone this coming weekend that I am not available..

I do have one unavoidable road trip over to the In Laws I have to make time for but other than that, I have things to do, sorry.

9 thoughts on “I Guess I’ll Call It The Boomerang Box

    • Lol!
      It was literally the cheapest box that Sears sold back in the day.
      The funny thing is, even though I can’t remember exactly when and where I bought the damn thing, the memory that I paid almost the exact same for it as my first one that I had bought in the very early 80’s was the same.


  1. Phil- I had a box similar to the bottom my wife gave me for Christmas. Bought a really good set of wheels from Matco guy for 25$. Money well spent. Used it for road trip engine changes. Mine was all drawers. Gave it away to neighbor when move back to TX. (Along with 3/4 ratchet and sockets, 24 in crescent, pipe wrenches… fuck me.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • The older one got beat so bad after falling out of a moving truck twice that after I pounded it back out I “acquired” some shopping cart wheels and built a damn base for it that I bolted it too.
      It also wised my ass up enough to put the fucking tailgate back on the truck.
      Nothing quite like trying to pick up a shit load of loose sockets in the middle of a busy intersection to instill a little wisdom in your ass eh?


  2. Good score, Phil!

    I lost my first top box and roller back when I was a drunken lout who cared more about booze than paying my storage fees where my stuff was stored after my first wife threw my sorry ass out.

    I bought another Craftsman top box and roller after I got sober and started putting my life back together, and that’s what I have now.

    If I was buying new stuff again, I’d look seriously at the US General line from Horror Freight. They seem to be really well made, with the ball-bearing slides. My current “Metric/Misc” box and roller are their low-end “Storehouse” boxes, the ones painted dark brown wrinkle like a Kennedy.


  3. One day I was with two mates heading out for some freestyle sporting clays shooting. When we left the 2nd blokes place, he didn’t latch the tailgate properly after loading his box of 200 clays onboard. When the Phoard wagon lurched (not launched, it being a Ford) onto the highway, the arse popped open and the box of clays hit the road. Well I fucken laughed at TJ dodging trucks and cars, yelling curses at drivers running over his beloved clays. That is I did laugh, until I spotted my Esky on the road, it’d taken a spill too. I’ve been using that cooler for 35 years now, apart from a bit of gravel rash, it’s good as new despite many bush trips and range excursions. We had to explain to TJ that he couldn’t plant a cross at the intersection in remembrance of his clays, even though they were expensive fluoro-coated ones.


    • Phil, that was supposed to tack onto your comment about dropping your toolbox. With this app sometimes it works in WordPress, but often not, so a reply can be disjointed from the thread, sorry.


  4. I have my Father’s Snapon rollaway that he used as a mechanic before WWII, before the Navy put him to turning wrenches on aircraft. The locking rod that slides in from the top went missing on one of his moves before he sent me home with it. Otherwise, all there in working condition including the external screwdriver rack on one side. Some pre-war auto repair stuff and lots of other stuff only he knew the purpose of.


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