The Democrats Still Can’t Get Their Shit Together

So far as I’ve seen they are still too busy going after Trump to take care of business.

Because of their fear and hatred of Donald Trump, they have spent the entire last several years spending all of their energy trying to neutralize the guy and the important business has taken a remote back seat.

Just for one example, after they locked down the entire country last year and basically destroyed the economy, Trump busted his ass , kicked them in their asses to craft it and The CARES Act was signed into law by previous president Donald Trump on Friday 27 March 2020. 

This started the process of getting some kind of financial relief out to us Proles who were suddenly underwater because of the lockdowns. Under Trump, another stimulus check was wrangled out of the bastards a bit later.

After that proved to be helping and popular, the Democrats threw one of their patented hissy fits and refused to cooperate.

They dragged their feet, refused to cooperate and didn’t give a rats ass who lost their job, house, or business because any help like that made Trump look good and they couldn’t stand that.

So now they literally stole multiple elections, have packed our government with their Communist sympathizer cronies and what have we seen for their trouble?


That’s what.

They finally, FINALLY got another round of stimulus agreed on in the House, passed it and sent it to their Commie Sympathizer cohorts in the Senate, who didn’t like some of it so the voted to change some things and have now sent it back to the House to get it voted on again.

It will soon have been ONE ENTIRE YEAR that they have kept the states locked down, have destroyed untold millions of jobs, businesses and personal lives and have not done a fucking thing to help the citizens they are supposed to be working for.

They have completely turned our nations capitol into a No Mans Land Have our National Guard standing around with their thumbs in their asses, are treating them worse than dogs by not supplying them the very basic necessities such as a decent place to sleep and decent food to eat while doing so and are absolutely scared shitless of their own shadows, as they should be.

All someone has to do is mutter the word Qanon under their breath and they have a fresh panic attack and use that as an excuse to tighten the screws another notch.

Not only are these worthless pieces of shit deathly afraid of us, they are as gullible as a Hayseed who has just left the farm for the first time in his life.

As they try harder and harder to insulate themselves from the very people they claim to represent, it is now painfully obvious that the only ones they actually represent are themselves and their little club, fuck everyone else.

They obviously slept through history class back when they actually taught something about it and have no freaking clue about what now appears to be cast in cement.

This is only going to end one way at this point and it is going to wind up resembling the French Revolution in many ways.

Americans will obviously put up with a lot of shit as we have seen first hand here just recently.

The tipping point is when one too many citizens hasn’t got anything left to lose.

I fear we are approaching that moment at wide open throttle now.

18 thoughts on “The Democrats Still Can’t Get Their Shit Together

    • The stimulus bails out the blue hive states as well. If Senate passes it’s game on for HR1 and HR127 as well. This is a test, you rino senators better not fail.


  1. Yeah? What’s your point? Bite me has been president for about 6 weeks, and everything is going according to plan. Just think how bad it will be after 4 years of his crap. We had a good 4 years of peace and MAGA, but it’s over. I don’t know what more we can do as citizens other than avoid these phony carpetbaggers and stay out of harms way.


  2. yup, i have thought the same thing, that when it does blow, it going to make the french uprising
    look a bit tame. but i think it will happen when the ebt cards fail again.
    or when the dollar implodes. for a long time, i said stuff is better than money. i guess we will see.

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  3. Our nation more reflects Panem in the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ than it does the United States of America. That is because the leadership does not need us. In the movie, the controlling classes live in a nation state called Panem which to me resembles the District of Columbia. The states outside the DC region send tributes to the capitol in the forms of money and subsevience to their wishes. This is in dire contrast to the way the nation was founded. It used to be political parties needed the voter base to move their agenda forward. Not any more. Not in the new District of Panem run by the deep state and the democrats.

    With the sham voting system in their pockets, they really could care less if we vote or not. They will gin up numbers for every election that ‘look legitimate’ whether we vote for them or not.

    While they like taking our money away from us, they also own the printing press where the money is created so it really does not matter whether we are successful in our endeavors or not. This is why shutting down the economy and not opening it back up is just not a big deal to them, the deep state swamp creatures in DC, elected and otherwise.

    The only thing left is that we are the only real threat to their control of this nation. Yes, only the outraged American citizen can upset their monopoly over our nation as far as governance goes. You might as well call it a monarchy because it is closer to that than it is anything else these days.

    This explains why they want to disarm us. This explains why they have a ring of 10 foot fence and barbed wire around the nation’s capitol. They fear us. They fear our rage. They fear our willingness to unify and make it plain to see we do not like or trust them at all. They fear our power if we dare to use it against them. If only we would.

    So, welcome to the United States of Panem. Might as well call it that because it sure as hell bears no resemblance to the nation that was founded in 1776.


  4. Very well said. I live in the shithole that is DC. No matter how bad you think it is, it is worse…The DC .gov used to be incompetent. Now they are racist as fuck, AND eye wateringly incompetent. They have no desire to cut the crap Pelosi is spreading…Get ready… it is coming…

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    • Is there anyone just walking that perimeter everyday? Sort of like Joshua & the walls of Jericho? No doing nothing, just pacing it, maybe freaking out the inside watchers “What are they up to?”
      I’d be up for doing that but for being on the other coast & busy keeping people employed.


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