6 thoughts on “That Just Ain’t Right

  1. Surprised the cops haven’t stopped that and had it towed. In South Dakota and other Northern snow belt states you drive a truck like that and the cops will pull you over and will tow it. That means the frame is rusted beyond safe. This truck don’t know, I don’t see cancer in the body, could be too heavy of a load put in it.


    • Well what else would you expect with a Chevy? They not only have planned obsolescence, but built with substandard metal, frame rails come pre-rusted at manufacture!


  2. It’s always shocking when you are online and see a photo that was taken about a 1/2 mile from where you live. And this is why I have an aversion to white pickups from across the state line.


  3. Almost did this to an 1988 Chevy 3/4 ton I had. Loaded 2 1700 lb. steel rollers and drove 200 mi.’s. All it would have taken was a big dip or railroad track.


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