4 thoughts on “See If You Can Spot The Future Democrat

  1. Is that the “ADHD” of the family? Also, that kid needed to be made busy in the yard. Like hauling around bricks, tough work. I dont think beating a kid is a good idea but harnessing their energy is a great idea. (Being productive, hell running a grist mill!)


  2. Baby brother was handled, but Big Brother leaning in and ‘rescuing’ the Birthday Boy needs to be thumped. The middle kid will never learn if he keeps getting bailed out.


  3. Not quite 50 years ago, my oldest daughter was turning three. We had a nice little party and one of her friends just HAD to blow out the birthday candles and insisted on taking one of my daughter’s presents. Ex-mother-in-law gave the kid my daughter’s present saying, “It’s okay, I’ll go uptown and get Sally another one.”


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