6 thoughts on “It’s For Your Own Safety

  1. Phil, re Deathray’s lack of comments for a while, I spotted the reason when I saw a heading posted at https://statelymcdanielmanor.wordpress.com/ Colorado Hunter Sexually Assaulted By Sasquatch! Tweren’t no grizzly hunt he was on, but a search for his wandering girlfriend! I bet that after smelling the scent of that librarian hussy all over him, she got the hump that bad, that to make him jealous she has walked that pipeline clear through Canada. But Colorado?, must be them Canuck boys weren’t up to the job like ol’ Deathray did it.


    • I’m just playing the game that you and your Idaho-spud buddy do, and it worked. I’ve never been fly-fishing, but you rose to the bait. McDaniel’s Sunday Funnies post does have some good bits. Hey, does your Sasquatch girlfriend need a US passport to enter Canada, or do they classify her as your pet?


      • Just curious Deathray, what do them Sasquatch babes look like when you shave all the hair off? Are you sure that she isn’t just a hippy chick, stuck in the middle of a bad acid trip, and can’t talk properly yet?


        • What is funny about that is the Colorado aspect.
          You see, I spent the winter there a few years ago with a cousin that is a complete outlaw biker. I’m taking a body full of tattoos and the patches and all. The kind of things that you don’t get unless you’re in the club.
          He had a few brothers over and the question was asked how it was having a full time roommate. His reply was that living with me was like have a Sasquatch in his house.

          So you see Johno, I sent one down just to keep him company.
          I would make him grumble nonstop about my diet.
          For breakfast I would make a plate of rice and beans with two fried eggs and a jar of anchovies dumped on top. I’m dying just remembering all the cussing and crying that brought on. To this day he still sends me anything he comes across dealing with squashes.


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