We’ll See How It Works Out This Time

I don’t really know just how many Emails I get every day anymore, somewhere close to 200 it appears.

Part of that is me getting an Email alert every time someone leaves a comment here, some of them are personal emails and some are advertisements. Let’s just say that I am on a few mailing lists and leave it at that.

One of those mailing lists is from Grizzly.com., they are like the old Sears Wish book for guys like me.

They have some very cool stuff for the home hobbyist, be it metal or wood working.

It ain’t cheap either. Even for being mostly Chinesium stuff, it is usually several steps up in quality than even the rarest find at Harbor Freight and you pay for that.

I got one of their seemingly endless sales alerts last week and instead of just deleting it like I usually do, I had a few minutes to dream a little so I started browsing through it.

Something caught me eye this time.

Something I not only have been wanting anyway but something that I am actually going to be needing now.

As much as I absolutely love this Smithy 3 in 1 machine,it does have one major drawback.

The mill head doesn’t tilt.

It goes up and down and swings side to side but angle drilling and machining it can’t do all by its self.

It’s just a part of the compromise that a 3 in 1 machine has and it’s not really a big deal for me.

I know there are things that you can get to allow you to fixture parts at an angle on the flat table so you don’t have to tilt the head.

One of those very things went on sale at Grizzly and I sent myself a little reminder.

I just found that reminder, in time for once, and I just ordered one of these,

It’s a smaller table, 5X7 but that should be about a perfect fit for this Smithy.

Normally about $125.00 or so, it was on sale for $89.95 plus tax, plus shipping, for a grand total of less than what they usually want for the thing at full price.

The Wifely Unit ain’t here to tell me NO but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

So now we shall see if the thing actually gets shipped out. Unlike the Compound I ordered that got cancelled the next day.

Speaking of Compounds…

I have been keeping this quiet but now I’m going to blab.

A reader named Jerry got in touch with me last week saying he has two of the Smithy machines. One is permanently set up as a lathe and the other is set up for milling.

He bought one from a buddy and they found out the milling head had a crack in it so he just took that off and uses it for a lathe.

He shocked me to my core when he offered to send me a compound AND a set of Change Gears for this thing!

Holy Moly !

That is absolutely INCREDIBLE generosity!

Not only for offering me these hard to find, if not Unobtanium parts, but to offer to ship them to me at his own expense!

That had to be expensive as hell all by its self!

He sent me an Email telling me they are on the way just yesterday.

You could knock me over with a feather I am so stunned.

I didn’t want to say anything just in case something fell through.

I’m a bit gun shy about getting all excited after having my order cancelled after I had gotten so hyped up about getting one coming.

Thank you Jerry, it was incredibly kind of you to do that for me.

Sometime next week I should have a compound. Next up is going to be some kind of tool holder. I’m not sure if the little one on the Mini Lathe is big enough but that is just a matter of getting on line and ordering one the right size for this machine. There are scads of those available.

Little by little this whole thing is coming together and I would like to thank EVERYONE who has gone out of their way to help me out here!

It has been like hitting the lottery over and over again!

Then to start my day off, I got woke up by my phone ringing in the next room.

No way to get there before it quit but a text and a phone message were both waiting for me after I finally got roused and found my peepers so I could see what I was looking at.

It was my boss, telling me that I need to be at work at 3 in the afternoon instead of 6 in the evening on Sunday.

I’m hoping this isn’t a one time deal. If it is then I can say goodbye to having to work 20 hours in a 32 hour window every week anymore.

Having to work until 4 AM that one day a week has screwed my entire sleep schedule up for me.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough but that would be totally cool by me.

16 thoughts on “We’ll See How It Works Out This Time

  1. Phil- Your blog has got to be an assemblage of some of the coolest people around. A brotherhood of sorts. Maybe a twisted and demented brotherhood, but brothers never the less.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh Texson, very twisted and bizarro would be a better description. I have to wonder the UPS or Fed-Ex driver must think delivering all these heavy boxes from different points across the country? I bet Phil you have to be on a list most of us are nowhere near. the .gov must think you are building a howitzer or something destructible…


  2. Speaking of Twisted and demented and plain outright first cousin offspring brotherhood. Johno as I have diagnosed by comments is a 4th cousin 5th, removed red hair bastard child or retarded tendencies with delusions of inadequacies. There is one in every family… Phil is the kindly, older patience, quiet planner of mayhem and snarkisms.


  3. Good people hang out here, Phil.

    Iffin’ I had any Sprite parts, you would have had them by now.

    We do the same on the Toyota forum I hang out on. If I’ve got doubles or triples of some part, and somebody needs it, it’s theirs for the shipping cost.

    And I got some unobtainium parts that way…


  4. Nice find. Might be able to double as a riser for your vise, so the quill doesn’t have to hang out so far when profiling the ends on blocks. Was thinking about the man-glitter in the house problem, what are your feelings on shop coats? When I was an apprentice, a lot of the old school guys would roll in at six am in a white button down shirt, put on a shop coat and let that catch the days grime. Apprentices didn’t have the option, we had uniforms, not that any of us thought we could pull it off with out getting mercilessly trolled by the rest of the crew. It would go over like getting caught sitting on your ass stoning and polishing a form cavity. That was a good way to have your chair set on fire. With you on it.


  5. The words “change gears” sends both a thrill of anticipation and a tremor of fear up my spine.
    I’m getting ready to cut some my first ever lathe turned metric thread, and now I know way more about the whole metric threading with an imperial lead screw than I thought I would ever know.
    Remember to break the news of the tilting table to your wife by using language she will understand, “It was on sale!”

    Liked by 1 person

      • When it warms up I’m going to try spraying some thinned out water based latex paints using a Harbor Freight cheap spray gun.
        The internet says I should drill out the spray nozzle to 2.0 mm.
        But I want to keep the original 1.4 mm nozzle and the internet says that I can order replacement nozzles that will fit the gun from a far, far, far away country.
        The boat arrives, the nozzles show up, and they don’t fit.
        The nozzle part is good, but the threaded end is too large.
        I take some measurements and realize that I could turn down the threaded end, recut the threads because the old and the new are both metric 1.0 mm and I will have a 1.7 mm, a 2.00 mm nozzle that will fit the HVLP gun.
        I spend some time changing lathe gears, that took longer than it should have because it took a while to realize that even though the leadscrew drive gear was already 30 tooth, I had to pull it off, swap it and the spacer and tweak the backlash to get the gear train reasonably quiet.
        Then I found that my 60 degree threading bit would crash into the shoulder of the nozzle before I could cut the threads where I need them.
        I bought one of those external threading tools that takes those carbide inserts and it arrived yesterday.
        I checked my measurements, turned down the end to where I wanted it, cut the thread relief groove deeper, and then turned off the existing threads.
        I was still pretty worried about crashing into the shoulder, so I just hand turned the chuck by using the bar that you use to tighten the lathe chuck onto the threads.
        According to what seems knowledgeable information, once you close the half nuts you don’t open them again until you are done.
        The threading dial won’t work like it does for metric threads.
        I fed the tool in 5 thou at a time, and then fed a couple of thou when I got close.
        All done with the first one, and it screws into place and looks OK.
        I will tackle the second nozzle later.
        The nozzles look to be stainless, and I used some Grizzly Tool cutting lube.

        The bottom line is that when you add up the cost of the nozzles, the cost of the threading tool, and the time spent at the lathe, no money was saved, but priceless knowledge was gained, and I like this stuff.
        And I did not do the 29.5 compound feeding thing because I had enough complications going on.

        If I don’t get cocky, the second nozzle should go fine.


  6. Excellent news on that Smithy. I’m proud for you. Today was my first turning of a 60 degree taper. Like on a center. That was kinda cool. I’ll be stiff tomorrow…

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  7. LOL, I know exactly what you mean. I was amazed at how sore I was from cranking on the hand wheel the day after I machined down that piece of flat bar.
    Wouldn’t trade that for anything though

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