They Are A One Trick Pony

This bullshit of trying to keep everyone scared out of their wits so that they will be more compliant and willing to put up with even more authoritarianism has been going on since before I was born.

Take a look here and see if any of this looks familiar,

All I see different is that they weren’t pulling shit like Murder Hornets out of their asses.

I’m telling ya, the less exposure to the media you subject yourself to the better off you are.

This is one major reason I hate television with a white hot passion.

Even the radio has gone completely over the edge.

I was listening to a local channel at work the other day when I had to do some sit down type stuff and the unrelenting commercials I kept hearing were actually kind of mind blowing.

I normally tune that shit out but it was almost constant.

Every five minutes or so they would play a commercial extorting you to be a good citizen and make sure you followed all of their bullshit rules and regulations about wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying home if at all possible and making sure no one got within six feet of you.

“Even your own family isn’t safe to be around”.

I could hardly believe the levels of propaganda and conditioning they were pushing.

Somebody is paying for all that airtime too.

They don’t give that away.

But now some states have finally had enough of the out of control tyranny and are dropping all of the stupid rules.

I’m betting on some “Super Dangerous” variant of Covid to make an appearance in about three weeks or so that the media is going to blow completely out of proportion and the Cabal enforcers are going to try and use to clamp things right back down with.

The fact that Biden and his bunch of incompetents have basically thrown the Southern border wide open and even released over a hundred illegals into the general population AFTER they had actually tested positive for the Kung Flu isn’t even making a blip on the news should be very damn telling to anyone with a functional brain.

If you weren’t pissed off at the whole charade before, that one should push you right over the edge.

Spring is coming and the weather is going to be calling people to get outside as nature intended.

There is a years worth of neglected chores that need to be caught up on everywhere.

Even people that don’t really have any discretionary spending money can still come up with a little elbow grease.

Lawns still need to be mowed, gutters still need to be cleaned and the list goes on.

Now that the PTB don’t have the numbers in their favor the calls to lift all these ridiculous lock down measures are going to be getting louder and more persistent.

I am just sitting back and waiting.

Desperate Tyrants do desperate things.

Once they get a taste of Total Control they don’t want to give it up.

The Governor of Oregon being a perfect example. While many states are relaxing or eliminating the rules and regulations enacted during the peak of the Plandemic, she just extended them again without a shred of evidence backing up her assertions.

The Governor of Washington has just been coasting along on his last batch of extensions.

Now throw in the fact that millions of people are about to totally exhaust their Unemployment benefits.

The Back Rent and Mortgage Moratorium has already got the Evictions courts jam packed for months into the future.

Let’s not forget all those people who got ruined last year in the Wildfires either.

They have a dog in this hunt.

I see the makings of a massive case of blowback coming.

Keep watching the news and you will see them try and double down on the scare tactics.

I absolutely guarantee it.

30 thoughts on “They Are A One Trick Pony

        • Who is Lori Laughlin? I don’t watch broadcast TV. Haven’t had an antenna or cable hooked to my TV for almost twenty years. Only thing I do with it is watch old movies and new ones like John Wick as he kicks ass all over. I agree they are already here, space aliens and such. I am betting they are evaluating us for a Soylent Green type of planetary meat farm.

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            • Now I know who that goldfish looking freak of nature is… I gotta know how someone this gotdamned butt ugly, lesbomorph, late termed botched abortion of a rolled over Mack truck so called human ever got to be mayor of chi-town? I have to think Mayor Daley, (corrupt as hell democarp) is spinning at least 425 rpm in his city/state supplied sarcophagus.

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                • I have to think you are right kidme, maybe easy to control, take advantage of their deep rooted anger and resentment of growing up butt fucking ugly and use that to mold/shape a perfect mandarin… to sow desecration and mayhem.


                  • I don’t know the answer. Theories revolve around the fact that most dem voters are ugly too. Misery loves company type thing, or ugly people don’t trust the lookers, or maybe had their their little hearts broken by a good looking intelligent person. Jury’s out, but they do like em ugly.


          • I also only watch movies. The Equalizer – Denzel, liked the Blade series.- Wesley Snipes, John Wick, Even liked a couple of the Jack Reachers in spike of having no use for Cruise.


            • I am a big Lee Childs (Reacher) series of books. I too was an MP as enlisted, but he writes it true and I like the loner drifter, anonymous type of character of Reacher, but like you, couch jumping freak of cruise was the worst choice of actor to fill that role, as Reacher was 6’5″ and cruise doesn’t top 5’10”.


  1. Yeah, I finally got tired of it and turned off 101.1, just so’s I don’t shoot the fucking garage stereo. That used to be a fairly conservative channel, but they folded to the almighty dollar. They’ve got Grant Whatshisname (the guy sounds like he gargled rocks) doing that particular propaganda piece.


  2. First off, we have to honestly wonder just how much bullshit people (too many) are actually willing to chug down.
    Haven’t watched TV or listened to radio in at least 20 years. Maybe that’s why I have a bead on reality?

    Anyway, I think all the carnage going on with real estate isseues, especially realating to artificial devaluing of property in normally high dollar areas (SF, Manhattan, LA, etc etc) is allowing some bastards to get a bunch of spots on Park Place on the cheap. This is ALL being played and many are cleaning up. The question I have is are they clearing out the cash registers and running just before it all goes to shit.

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    • >just how much bullshit people (too many) are actually willing to chug down

      Unfortunately, way too much bullshit. I have been very disappointed, and in some cases shocked, by what persons I had thought sensible and rational now believe. Two examples out of, well, a LOT. (You all probably have dozens yourselves.) Someone I thought had a good head on her shoulders is now wearing two freaking masks. An office friend (working-class Boston Irishman, moderately conservative, at least willing to consider HBD — the kind of guy you’d expect to have his head screwed on at least relatively straight) yesterday informed me there was no significant fraud in the presidential election; there was a genuine grassroots massive last-minute swing against Trump “because he was talking crazy there at the end”. (Yeah, hundreds of thousands of people in critical swing states suddenly decided to vote at 4am on Jan 7th because they figured Bad Orange Man had gone nuts.)

      >Maybe that’s why I have a bead on reality?

      >This is ALL being played and many are cleaning up.
      Exactly. A tale as old as time.
      And don’t notice patterns. FIRE sector (finance, insurance, real estate). News media. Be sure to not notice anything about those. Nothing to see at all.

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  3. already started phil. “deadly new strain from africa found in u.s.” the one that gets my morning started off wrong every damn day is the local radio mouthpiece quoting “500,289 CURRENT cases”in my state. never was and certainly not currently. then the death toll, still much lower than an average flu season. sick of it. but we shouldn’t tune out, we need to know what they are up to. sticking our head in the sand gets us bitten in the ass.


  4. The only thing that matters for them is codifying their method of election fraud. Once that is done the fork is in deep. Circus’s have always been used as a distraction.


  5. Kid, in answer to your question, Yes!
    The people who rule us, are not only worse than we “want” to imagine, the are worse than we “can” imagine…..Spirit Cooking, Child Rape and Killing, Cannibalism, and worse. Why do think that1000’s of runaway children just disappear? Yeah, some come home. But others, just Gone!
    We are ruled by unspeakably evil people. And, they’ll continue to get away with it for years. There will be no revolt. There will be no “Rising Up”. There will be no “Spicy Times”.

    There may be individuals and even some small groups that resist, but they will be crushed by Leviathan. Don’t kid yourself. Unless you have no family at all, everybody has hostages to fortune. You may be willing to die for freedom, but most of them aren’t. Are you ready to see your loved ones die because you won’t knuckle under?
    That is how it will be done. There will be a vanishingly small number who actually fight back. And Big Media will be there to show the lesson to the public. Not only will resistance be futile, but North Korean style overkill will be gleefully deployed on any and all remaining family of the deceased. It will be a 3D Technicolour Extravaganza.
    It won’t take many of these events, before your own relatives will rat you out, to save their own skins. I read over and over on these boards. It is mostly older men who post. How many times do we read complaints about wayward lost children, Nephews & Nieces, and assorted siblings, cousins, and In-Laws who do not just Drink the Kool-aid, but Bathe in it? Even sometime, it is your own wife! Think of your weakest, Woke-est family member. When the time comes, your life is in their hands. And they’ll rat you out to save their own skin 99% of the time.
    Is what I’ve written contrary to the “He-Man, We Shall Resist” essays that choke the “Man-o-sphere/ Resistance” websites? Of course it is. But for all pixels spilled on “Teh Interwebs”, this is how I actually see things happening.
    I don’t have answer. Pray, Be Prepared, Be Prepared to Die, betrayed by the last person you expected would ever turn on you.


    • Kinda hard to form a resistance when your power and gas is shut off, you are locked out of your bank accounts and your children are crying because they haven’t eaten in a couple days. That is the evil we are up against. And half the country voted for it. Gleefully.


      • A wise man prepares. 2 is one, 1 is none. I shake my head in disbelief every time I see the panic down south whenever anything happens and the power quits for a day or 2. I routinely go a week or 10 days at a whack without power here in the Last Frontier, at temperatures well below 0. It’s not uncommon and I’m prepared for it. The earth moves up here…a LOT. It’s not unrealistic to consider the 2 (count ‘em! 2!!) roads leading to here being cut, the runways being unusable and the one rail line demolished by an earthquake. I, and virtually everyone I know, have backup systems in place which require nothing more than wood for heat, muscle power for water and enough provisions on hand to feed themselves and theirs for quite some time. It’s called self-sufficiency. Want to see society devolve into chaos in 72 hours? Pull the plug. Most wouldn’t last a week without outside intervention. Are you willing to rely on our wise and beneficial leadership to come save you? I’m certainly not.


    • Been doing that for a while now.
      Give them The Look and they scurry away 99% of the time.
      It’s that last few zealots that you really have to watch out for.


      • The “Look” from you or me is more compelling then say the average office soi boy or phone playing retard. It’s us zealots, like a nail that will be hammered down because we will not back up or bend a knee.


  6. I retired from the telephone company in ’98 with twenty years as a mainframe system programmer. We were in great demand as contractors to upgrade systems so the world wouldn’t end on midnight 01/01/2000. Turned out that either IBM had been on this for a long time, or systems as written were going to handle it anyway. That’s ok. I made some money out of it and got to see Kansas City.


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