3 thoughts on “Here’s Your Clue

  1. The hood says that’s an LJ Wrangler. Probably the very first Jeep the driver has owned. Some Jeep owners develop an unwarranted sense of invulnerability. This sense usually results in an insurance claim for a totaled vehicle.


  2. In South Dakota in Spring thaws we would regularly drive through over the road puddles when the sloughs and lake flooded, there would be signs to go slow and low slung cars to be extra cautious lest they be turned into a U-boat. If the road is intact ya have to drive slow and be alert, the world needs more lerts…


  3. That boat has to have a jet drive or tunnel drive. That puddle, huge as it may be, doesn’t look deep enough for an outboard, inboard, or I/O drive lower unit.


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