25 thoughts on “Yeah, I Don’t “Dabble In Essential Oils” Honey

  1. Hi Bubba,
    ‘Ya left out “Silver Bullet Gun Oil” made with 13% genuine “PIG FAT!!!!” It was the “Force Multiplier” over in the “Sand Box!!” The “True Believers” were deathly afraid of it…..if they got hit and died from a round carrying any of it, it was “No 72 Virgins” for them!!
    I don’t know if “Lone Marine” is still selling the stuff. but I still have several jugs!!!


  2. You also left out Tetra Bore Treatment, also known as ‘elephant spoof’ because of it’s appearance. I don’t know about it’s effect on any Muj, but you really do get fantastic corrosion proofing, ease of future cleaning and slightly higher bullet velocity.


    • Beat me to it.
      Great stuff. The fresh scent is just a plus.
      Mix 50/50 with STP oil treatment when repacking hydraulic cylinders.


  3. You left out Bacon Grease. Should have been on the top.

    I love the smell of WD40 and Hoppes. Smells like progress. Work being done.

    Only thing that beats that is the smell of machining oil.

    A company I worked for eons ago had Beretta USA as a customer. Walking the factory floor – the smell of the oil, the noise of the machines, the boxes of parts used to birth awesome firearms.

    It was a heavenly thing.

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  4. Nobody has mentioned Mouse Milk Penetrating Oil. And Champion 2612 thread lube and anti-seize for spark plugs. Also have a forty year old spray can of Knocker Loose that still works just fine.
    One of my favorite gun bloggers, Brigid Johnson says Hoppes #9 is her favorite scent: a dab behind each ear.

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    • I had never even heard of Mouse Milk before you mentioned it. I just got off Amazon ordering a little bottle of it after reading a bunch of the reviews.
      They all pretty much said it leaves Kroil in the dust and nothing else even comes close.
      I’m going to find out.


      • You’d think with a name that bizarre it would be better known. It’s not new. I first encountered it in aviation mechanics. I’ll be interested in your professional opinion when you get to try it.


    • I’ve loosened up stuff with PB Blaster that I thought there was no hope for. Use in a well ventilated area! The guys over at the local auto parts store put me on to it.


      • Dittoes on the ‘no hope’ stuff and dittoes on the parts store tip (Thanks, Mike!).
        I almost always give it a liberal douche, let that soak in, give it another shot and then put the thingy aside ’til the next day. The stuff has never failed me!


  5. I have a 3-in-1 can *just like that* on my desk. I’ve refilled it from the newer plastic containers.

    On the side, it says “BOYLE-MIDWAY 1968.”

    The first fill lasted for 50 years, but it’s now my preferred gun oil, so I use a lot more of it.

    BTW, the new stuff seems to be the same formulation as the original 1968; smells the same, feels the same, seems to work the same.


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