5 thoughts on “We Gotta Be Less White

  1. Is this shit actually increasing their revenue. Too damn easy to boycott most of these companies. Goodyear, Panera, Gillette, Coke, etc, etc.


  2. Somewhere out there, is some poor bastard named Les whose last name is White.

    We need to find him, and get him to run for public office. I can see the speeches now. “I’m Les White, and I’ve been Les White all my life. In fact, NOBODY has been Les White than I have! Vote for me!


  3. So, if they want me less white, where is the melanin tablets? About the same place as our promised stimulated check is… I like stimulus.


  4. I don’t know how I can “be less White”.

    But, I DO know how I can help starve the Beast by drinking less Coca-Cola, eating less Big Macs (and other fast food), buying less Chinese cr@p at Walmart, watching less Television … (your suggestion here) …

    I “gotta be less White” ??? THEY gotta be less Commie …


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