This Is Why I Could Never Live In A Really Cold Environment Anymore

I get this with multiple fingers when my hands get cold.

It’s been happening for years now. There is a name for it, some kind of syndrome and of course my doctor at the time tried blaming it on my smoking.

So what about the people this happens to that don’t smoke Doc?

All the circulation just stops, my fingers turn ice cold and they quit working pretty much.

It only happens to certain fingers though. Weird as hell.

Oh and no, that ain’t my hand.

The fingernails being clean should be a clue.

23 thoughts on “This Is Why I Could Never Live In A Really Cold Environment Anymore

  1. That is known around here as “white finger or white hand” I understand surgery sometimes helps but the best thing is to reduce the repetitive tasks that cause it. Perhaps your previous doctor thought you were “flicking your Bic” too often. Noted that is is your right hand, a left-over from your youth?


    • Naw, he was trying to tell me that the smoking was causing heart disease, which it does and I’m sure I do have.He was saying that was causing poor circulation.
      It also seems to affect my left hand more than the right and I’m not left handed.
      So that ain’t it either. Lol!


      • I already have peripheral neuropathy and the weather is not
        helping a bit. Just ditched smoking&alcohol cold turkey. What
        put the scare into me was the swelling in my feet and lower
        legs, a sign that the shit is getting real. Water retention is a
        sign of congestive heart failure, so I gotta get serious!


        • Swelling in the feet and legs could also be a sign of vascular problems, such as Vascular Reflux, are your legs red in color, small or large blisters, large wounds (ulcers) Leonard? In your case it could be ED… the stuff has to go somewhere.


          • Pale and white just like the rest of me, no ulcers. Needless to
            say, salt just went off my diet even though I already avoid it.


        • I have swelling in my lower legs and feet. My cardiologist says it’s not congestive heart failure. According to him it’s probably some vein disease that doesn’t allow blood to return properly combined with too much ass time. Other than the swelling, for which they prescribed compression socks, that I never wear.


  2. I get this on my right index finger, and left ring finger. Raynauds as said above.

    I take a supplement that is supposed to be a vasodialator, it helps quite a bit. Still need gloves when it’s down in the single digits though. Maybe if I would have worn them before this wouldn’t bother as much.


  3. You get use to it believe me…. freeze your ass off, freeze your hands off, freeze your feet and for blessed Mary don’t stick your tongue on a pole like Ralphy…


  4. Too bad it wasn’t the middle finger, then you could be rented out at halloween… dead corpse flipping the bird. This case seems with the picture is a mild case for now, the circulation is the small surface arteries seem to be in spasm, so which is shutting off the blood supply. Your deeper arteries in the finger are supplying some amount of blood.


  5. I’ve had issues similar all my life and it seems it’s getting worse with age. When I was a kid I’d screw around outside in winter, iceskating, building forts etc etc way too long. So long I’d come inside to warm up and my feet /finners would often be white and cold, hurting like needles being driven into em as they warmed up. I attributed this to frostbite although nothing ever turned blue. Numerous times at this level I’m guessing caused the problems now experienced in later life as I simply can’t keep my feet warm anymore, aside from keeping em embedded in nice warm sand inna nice warm beach somewhere…..


  6. I too have Raynaud’s Syndrome (Disease).

    I bought a zippo hand warmer. Helps. I wear gloves. Our days are currently 45F and nights 25F, so that’s whenever I leave the house.


  7. Had a roommate in college who had spent a lot of time banging on wrenches to get stuck nuts to come loose – using his hands. His doc told him that was damaging the nerves and blood vessels in his hands.


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