Since Nobody Seems Interested In Fixing The Election Rigging, I am Going To Use My Next Ballot As A Double Edged Sword

It’s real simple.

The RINO’s need to go. We have that Feckless Bitch Jamie Herrera Butler as a rep.

It is a foregone conclusion that she is going to have a Primary challenger.

My guess someone just as bad if not worse when the nice wears off.

Anyone running for office these days is automatically compromised in my book.

The Democrats have been rigging the elections here in Washington state for years after they went to all Mail In Ballots.

Their favorites win every time like clock work, without even bothering to campaign.

So, Fuck ‘Em All.

I am voting a straight Democrat ticket next time.

Before you get all butt hurt let me tell you why, because I have no intentions of actually helping any of them win.

Since our votes are not going to be counted for the candidate we would prefer anyway then use it against them.

I am going to be voting for the lesser Democrat running against their favorite every chance I get.

This automatically takes care of the RINO problem but if enough people do this it will cause the Democrats problems also

They will be forced to turn their evil schemes against one of their own to protect the favorite if all of a sudden the nobody starts getting a whole bunch of unexpected votes.

Then I sit back and watch the in fighting begin.

Divide and Conquer works both ways you dirty sonsabitches.

25 thoughts on “Since Nobody Seems Interested In Fixing The Election Rigging, I am Going To Use My Next Ballot As A Double Edged Sword

    • In states that allow cross party primary voting all the MAGA people should write in Trump for every office. We shoild have a enough votes to totally eff-up the Democratic side. Imagine Trump being on the Dem ballot for everything from dog catcher to state rep. How would they hide this?



  1. if i ever get to feeling like the elections are rigged and illegitimate, i will refuse to vote at all. voting gives elections their legitimacy. you are consenting and agreeing that this is a fair and honest process. not participating in a sham, to me, is the only way to go.


      • I did that once. In Oregon there’s an “elective” office in every precinct that usually gets one vote… and wins! I wrote my name in, voted and was still surprised when I won.

        Of course there was no pay for the winner but it paid off just the same. Before the next election I was called by the Grand Exalted, Chairman of the Precinct Democratic Committee (enough hogwash?) to distribute a few hundred posters and handbills urging voters to vote for the sleaz… er, candidate the committee had already chosen.

        I revolted! I revolted so well my last wife said I was still revolting years later. I have a new wife now — One with a better sense of humor.

        Anyway, after dutifully handing out a few samples near the site of the meeting, I took the remaining pile to a paper recycling company. I got 76 cents for them. So you see, politics DOES pay!

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        • Well, as your momma used to say, “Once isn’t enough.” We all need to try, try again. At some point we will succeed in changing the corrupt election culture. It will be a Long March, but we can learn from the communists, we need to infiltrate the power structure and use it to OUR benefit.


      • Where do you think the ballot stuffers came from in Georgia and the other states, “volunteers”. They have cheating down to a science. Does your local government have any influence in this weeks senate vote on the stimulus that is going to bail out other states with our tax money. Voting no longer matters, probably hasn’t mattered in a number of years. KICK THE RINO’S ASSES OUT. They do not support you. Atleast we know where we stand with the democrats. They are in whether you vote or note. KICK THE RINO’S ASSES OUT for some payback, non monetary of course.

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        • I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and guess that you have been sitting alone in front of your computer with a mask on all day and the excessive CO2 has clouded your thinking.
          That is the only explanation for the utterly ridiculous reply you sent me.
          a. “They have cheating down to a science.” If those you are playing a game with are cheating, what do YOU do? Complain or do something about it?
          b. “Does your local government…” Yes. If enough of the “locals” tell the Senator how to vote, we expect them to vote that way. In fact, it is the idiots that passed the 17th Amendment that screwed up the “local” control of Senators.
          c. “Voting no longer matters…” Then why bother with life. May I suggest some suicide methods? Of course voting matters. Take some advice from Stalin: It doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes. Be a vote counter. And cheat like hell if that is what it takes.
          d. “Kick the RINO’s asses out.” How exactly do you propose to do that? If:
          1) They have cheating down to a science.
          2) You have no control over how they vote.
          3) Voting no longer matters.
          I propose that YOU and everyone else who wants to put Americans First VOLUNTEER and fill all the available positions with people who do NOT want to cheat, who want to LISTEN to voters, and who will make voting MATTER.
          Now. Take that silly mask off and go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.


    • well, we’re there now, they are rigged and illegitimate, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. But yes, your solution is correct, stop trying to participate in the system when it’s the system that’s broken. Put your/our/we efforts into creating a new system, because the old system can’t be saved.

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  2. Mom would vote for the most bats-t crazy Dem in the primary. Then vote for the most conservative person running in the election. She was devious and witty.

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  3. When the people that cheated win they control the investigation. If those that didn’t cheat win, they are just happy they won and leave well enough alone.

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  4. Here in central cali that asshole impeacher david valadao has already got the support of some republican groups out there. Those idiots are apparently erecting billboards that congratulate the asshole impeacher david valadao for his vote to impeach. But i believe he will be primaried out this time, and a damn democrat will win the seat.


  5. I’ve spent my entire voting life voting against dems. Now I will still won’t vote for a dem but also not a repub. I wonder how many of the 75 million Trump voters who mcchuckles told to go fuck themselves will vote republican again. Talk about naive optimism. Maybe if I lived in a very Red state like Texas or Florida I’d vote to try to keep it that way but here in Ohio where it doesn’t make an ounce of difference, I’m going to write in Michael J FUGNO for any political offices. Fuck the repubs very much too. Those worthless bastards have not done shit for America that lasted longer than the term they were in office while the dems have left us with every life sucking problem America has today.
    I hope the repubs get so little votes the dems will have to make up repub votes just so it doesn’t look like a N Korean election. (Which it did to me last time anyway).
    This country is fucked. I’m looking forward to laughing at libtards as they get fucked by the dems in office.
    If it isn’t knocking on my front door, I’m not gonna give a shit about it and in fact hope it gets as bad as imaginable. Realistically, what I see affecting me and mine over the next 25 years or so is lower quality/availability of and higher priced medical care, higher taxes – direct and indirect like in gas prices which will affect the price of everything. Pay more, get less is the dem motto. and how the libs like it. Plus having the ugliest POSs running things. What’s up wit dat I wonder.

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    • We have been screwed in Ohio for a while now.

      I am figuring on writing in Trump on every line next election. Since our votes no longer matter, might as well try to piss them off.

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    • Huh, sounds like America a 100 years ago so it can be done. Won’t be easy but my guess is most of us become better neighbors and help each other out which is a good thing all the others starve, which is a good thing.


      • People in Cincinnati seem to be treating each other better, not that it was ever bad since I got here in 2000. I know who my good neighbors are.


  6. I’ve thought for years that we should give the Dems total control and let them drive the country right off of a cliff. The sooner the whole thing is burned down the sooner we can start rebuilding. The problem is that you would have to do all of that while preventing foreign intervention in a collapse. Just remember that Napoleon III considered intervening in the American Civil war on the side of the Confederacy as a way of keeping America divided and weak. We are in dicey times indeed and I have no confidence in a woke military being able to defend us.

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  7. TINVOWOOT. It doesn’t matter WHO any of us vote for anymore.. The left has successfully created a mechanism that allows them to decide who wins what office REGARDLESS of what the actual vote count says. Local level elections outside o major cities MIGHT be still honest….maybe. But any office that has national importance will no longer be decided by we the people.


  8. All I can say is……this is the most honest listing of everyone’s opinions WITHOUT a screaming Ken/Karen shouting how dare you/it’s our rights/yada yada yada…..we need more honest posting. It actually helps some to make a more informed decision.

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    • That is the only reason I kept voting, its a right even after hearing Carlin numerous times over the years I just could not in good conscience not vote but after this shit and “NO ONE” in DC speaking out eff them.


  9. Interesting comment thread. I’ve heard for years that “not to vote is to vote”. Well, I don’t buy it any longer. I will not give TPTB the satisfaction of have a vote to flip in some super-sekrit counting machine. The next ballot I get in the mail (Oregon has no choice, it’s mail only) goes directly to the shredder.
    Until there is REAL electoral reform, there is no longer any need to respect the “election process” as having any more meaning than it has in all those third world hellholes where the chosen candidate gets 125% of the vote.

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