6 thoughts on “There Would Be No Yelling

  1. I’d go apeshit on someone for that… It’d take a couple of people to pry me off him. The boss will be PISSED because I’m dragging his ass out of that cab… Lock or no lock!


  2. We had a guy that would smash puddles with the bucket if you were near him. He loved to do it if there was a super nearby. I heard he got a suit and tie that was visiting a site. I would have loved to have seen that.


  3. That’s a Paddlin’……..with a brick. Had a supervisor do something like that to me once. Thought he would be funny and give me shove while I was in the middle of something. Bashed knee and a tumble to the concrete later, I was out for blood. Grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on and chucked it at him, unfortunately 55 gallon trash cans are not very aerodynamic. He scampered out of range and a couple other guys stepped in to calm everything down. Lucky for all involved I didn’t get my hands on a block of steel on my way up off the floor. I haven’t lost my temper that bad in years.


  4. like you said, no need for yelling at the asshole- he just laugh more anyway.
    what he needs is a good old ass beating, the kind you end up bleeding from with anything
    you can lay your hands on. or throw out a window, did that once, cost me 3 stripes afterwards
    and a month in the damn stockade. but it was worth it,


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