My Drill Press only had one handle on it when I snagged it off Offer Up.

The little plastic knob on the end is broken in half too.

I made one other handle for it and have just been getting by with the two..

Of course it has Metric threads because it was made in Japan either in the late 60’s or early 70’s I’m guessing.

Somewhere out there I still have enough material to make another stem and I will get to that eventually. After I made the one handle I went online trying to find new knobs for the ends.

Not as easy as I thought it would be. I found one, that’s one, outfit on Fleabay that had some and they were $8 each.

Yeah, no. $24 plus shipping for a drill press I only paid $50 for in the first place don’t sit well.

So I see this guy and this fix.

White golf balls just don’t do it for me, maybe if I could find some black ones, anything but white.

Of course with me, they wouldn’t be white for long anyway but still…

By the time a guy got done messing around with this it would probably be cheaper and easier to just try Fleabay again.

Metric barrel nuts ain’t gonna be cheap even if you found free golf balls.

I’m also not so sure I would be wanting my hand so close to that spinning Forstner bit but hey, I have done stupid things in the past too.

So JFYI, here is a way to replace broken knobs in a pinch.

15 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Metric bolt from hardware store, cut off head. Bag of wood balls from Hobby Lobby, drill and epoxy on bolt.

    Or use Smithy to turn a rod of proper size, thread with die, wood ball on end.

    Either way, total cost < $5

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  2. Why not drill out the holes, tap them to fit an all thread from the big box store and add some wooden knobs? Colored golf balls from the local mini putt are available. Bribe some youngster to give his up instead of trying for the hole in one gimmick.

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  3. The only black golf ball I have is a “Black Velvet” advertising ball, and I don’t want to give it up, even in a good cause.

    I have several yellow range balls from WidgiCreek golf course (long story) that have black lines on them.

    Might have some red ones in a bucket in the garage.

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  4. Hi Phil,I’m into about 2 jack and gingers (screw Cokes,my ex favorite) but when I googled metric drill press knobs they were available for about 2 bucks apiece . Don’t know if correct thread for you though. I’m happy to see the good fortune coming your way. You have got a lot of good readers out there. Allan

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    • Light ‘sanding’ with crocus cloth on both mating surfaces, and a very light coat of machine oil. It should stay up in there with only light pressure. Shine a light up inside, make sure nothing is jammed up ahead of the taper. You should have to use the wedge to pull them out once ‘in’ right.

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  5. Are you familiar with MSC Industrial Supply? I haven’t used them in years (I’m retired) but when I was younger and doing stuff like you do if I needed something oddball they’d have it, especially if it came to knobs, wheels and all things machine tools.

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