18 thoughts on “Caption Time Again

  1. Whomever took that picture has never seen a pissed off possum launch at a dog. Also, a .22 wold work just fine at that distance.


  2. I just see Lucy and her “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” from the second tv show she had. I would get up and leave when it was on… I’d rather juggle horse apples than watch that….


  3. Kind a looks like Beijing Joe when one will follow his EO, commonly referred to as ed-jit odors.
    But ewe hafta do what I say now – NOT


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  5. Cornered a possum once. Wen he hissed, I shot full strength ammonia down his throat (pity it wasn’t anhydrous ammonia!). Waited for him to stop breathing (about 5 seconds), picked him up by the tail and tossed him in the alley.
    (I used to do this trick when I was a kid on a paper route, dogs only had to be squirted in the eyes/throat one time and they got the hint! Never could find a squirt gun that didn’t leak, though…)


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