The Media’s Lies Are Getting So Blatant That It Has Gotten Downright Comical

I mean really, who are you trying to kid here?

Biden’s approval tops 60 percent in new poll

Biden's approval tops 60 percent in new poll

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President Biden is starting his tenure in White House with the approval of 61 percent of voters, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill on Monday.

Biden’s initial approval numbers are markedly higher than those of former President Trump when he first took office. The first Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of Trump’s presidency, conducted in February 2017, showed his approval rating at 48 percent.

Only about 39 percent of respondents said they disapprove of the job Biden is doing in the White House, according to the poll. 

There’s a relatively wide partisan divide in early perceptions of Biden’s presidency, with an overwhelming majority of Democrats approving of his job performance and most Republicans disapproving. Still, nearly one third of GOP voters – 31 percent – said they approve of Biden’s handling of his job. 

Who in the hell did they poll, Congress?

Lemme tell ya, if you believe this absolute horse shit propaganda, I have a cherry 1964 Austin Healey Sprite for sale that you need to snap up quick before one of your other gullible fool contemporaries decides they gotta have it.

Someone, somewhere, actually expects me to believe this bullshit?

A 60% approval rating for a senile old man who falls asleep in the middle of conferences and who’s record so far is beyond miserable incompetence?

They aren’t even trying anymore.

This is 100% propaganda.

I actually don’t know why I am surprised though, isn’t it normal for a fawning press to get on their knees and gobble it down for Dear Leader in Communist Countries?

Pretty quick here we are going to be seeing stories about his super human accomplishments too, right?

Kinda like this guy?

18 thoughts on “The Media’s Lies Are Getting So Blatant That It Has Gotten Downright Comical

  1. Who the fuck believes anything The Hill dot com puts out?

    Fine. Let the bastards claim 61 percent now. That means it can only go down, not up.

    Soo tired of people pissing on my boots and telling me it’s raining.

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  2. Wonder if the poll was the inverse of:

    “Do you have diabetes, work in the energy industry or consider yourself a white supremacist?”


  3. Actual human beings DO approve of President Biden >60%.

    Here’s how it works: YOU are not an actual human being. You are a talking animal in the shape of a human being. Your opinion means nothing. Your only reason to exist is to serve actual humans. The elite (actual human beings) will sit and eat, like an effendi, while you labor for them.


  4. Dear leader is following the lightworker after the bitch couldn’t close the deal on the deplorables. Soon the concubine who would be queen will take over from dear leader who will sacrifice himself on the altar of diversity and we’ll find out how an actual whore would run a nation. Should be great.


  5. Give Dear Leader 3 months and his approval rating will be at 90+ percent.
    Give him 6 months and it will be 100 percent even if they have to kill every
    Republican in America. We have seen this play out in the history books.


  6. kinda like the cdc putting out “covid cases dramatically down, end in sight” one day, then “alarmed by huge rise in covid deaths” the next. and the most popular prez in history? the one that can’t even give the state of the union speech, as required by law? riiiight.


  7. Meh, good entertainment value. Also remember hillary is seething at the thought of kamaltoe. And, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.


  8. I’m guessing here the poll consisted of about 100 people, all of whom work in mainstream media and they all voted for good ole xi jing ping pong bing bang dingbat Joe & the spread-eagle ho.


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