Gotta Be Twenty Thousand By Now

At least.

And then one day when you least expect it, you will run into shit like this.

Anyone else out there know what I am talking about here?

24 thoughts on “Gotta Be Twenty Thousand By Now

  1. We very nearly bought a Jeep pickup in the late 70’s. About half the lug nuts on one side were busted off. Yep, you guessed it!!


  2. Back then we just knew Chrysler products had lefty lugs on one side. It was institutional knowledge, but as old farts, the new kids didn’t want to learn. We are so fucked even the Great Creator isn’t going to help when our infrastructure and vehicles stop running. I hope to be dust by then…


  3. I wonder how many Dodge lug bolts were sold to replace those buggered by trying to tighten (loosen) the left-handed nuts until they stripped. After stripped, they had to be cold chiseled off, which took hours to accomplish.


  4. The eternal conflict between reliability and maintainability. In a pure engineering sense you should use left hand threads for rotating equipment turning counter clockwise but that ignores real world maintainability that says the left hand threaded applications are going to get fucked up. None of which explains why some vehicles are mixed metric and standard which is what really gets me tossing wrenches.

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  5. Same with my old beater ’74 Ford Courier. Had individual blind hole cylinders for each brake shoe. Sturdy, but a PITA to work on.


  6. Can’t remember the year it all changed, used to be on the right side was LH thread, the left was RH thread. Thought being that as the vehicle traveled the nuts would self tighten. But thats all before they figured out that if torqued they would remain tight anyway….Now it’s a total crapshoot shit show, could be us, metric, or brit metric, even different than European metric. Fukin brits, I think they’re still pissed their world empire got deleted….. but then they still can’t figure out whether they wanna come or go……. Last I heard they wanted and elected to go, but almost sorta kinda, maybe not really…. Fore fuks sake, pick a damn side and get on it…..
    Wish I had that old fiddy six dodge though.


    • Wish I had my old 1968 Chevy (true) Stepside, Shorty with the old stove bolt 6cyl and three on the tree and heater/defroster (it was optional then) and an AM radio.


  7. My (Aussie-made) ’67 VC Valiant Wayfarer ute had left-hand thread on the left side wheels. The big L stamped on the wheel studs was a bit of a giveaway.


  8. Ha! My beat up old Valiant – early 60’s had that and before then, my dad’s 59 Standard Vanguard, (Brit car) also had wheel lugs opposite rotation on one side. Older mechanics knew that to be the case and I learned from them. Then again, have seen folks shear them off for not knowing right side of car was reverse thread.


    • Terrapod, Although I had a set of British Standard Whitworth wrenches when I worked at a Import shop I never encountered such a beast.I’m glad I didn’t considering the typical British car was such a cluster to work on. Towards the end of my career I realized American stuff was just as difficult. Allan


  9. Big trucks have always been right hand thread on the right, left hand thread on the left. So were the wagons and coaches of the 1800s.
    I was a mechanic in a shop at a CDF fire camp when I was a kid. While there new guy got hired who claimed to be a hot shoe mechanic and was tasked with working on the front end of a Dodge 600 crew bus. He broke all 10 studs on the left side trying to get the wheel off. All ten. I guess what he lacked in brains he made up for in brawn.
    All Budd studs have been stamped ‘R’ or ‘L’ on the visible end of the stud forever. That’s true of both inner and outer studs on dual wheels also.


  10. And that’s how my dad broke his ankle. ’50 Dodge stock truck. Flat tire with a half a dozen steers in the back. He couldn’t budge the lug nuts, so he used a cheater bar, and the nut busted and sent him backwards, and snapped his ankle. So now he’s got 6 restless steers, a flat tire and a broken ankle. He managed to somehow get a tow truck out to fix the flat, and went on to sell the steers and drive the truck home, only to turn around and go to the hospital.


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