More Gifts Received And Irish With The Kill Shot

I was talking to him yesterday after I received another package from an extremely generous reader because I got confused about who sent it.

I get anywhere from 100 to 200+ Emails a day here and it’s pretty easy for me to get things mixed up in my head.

Long story short I finally figured it out but only after I sent a Thank You to the wrong person, who says they are still sifting through stuff to send me another batch of stuff they think I might be able to use. I did manage to correct that and get a Thank You sent off to the right party.

You see, the generosity shown to me here is really and truly over whelming.

My thanks again go out to Tim for sending me an incredible collection of precision measuring tools.

I would like everyone to know that I am already using as many of these gifts as I can, they do not just get cleaned up and stuck in my tool box.

Tim’s gifts were jaw dropping.

I am going to be using this one right away to help me grind lathe cutter tools.


Thank you so much.

I am not joking when I say I am already using many of the tools that people have sent to me.

One of the tools that a very generous reader sent me a little while back allowed me to figure out how much I need to take off the top of a new and extended base for my Mini Lathe Tail Stock that a buddy worked on in his spare time for several months. He left it tall knowing that I now have the ability to machine it down to the proper height.

Having that Depth Gauge allowed me to measure both pieces to figure out I need to take off .110 to allow them to fit together with just enough room for them to be able to slide across each other for tail stock off sets and centering.

It’s hard for me to articulate just how awesome it is to have the ability to open up a box and be able to use a tool for it’s original intended purpose after it has been sitting unused for years and years.

So while I am talking to Irish on the phone he makes a crack about needing a meme with Sally Struthers in it saying for just 5 tools a week, you too can help a lonely machinist.

I laughed so hard at that I almost choked.

God that was funny.

So I whipped one out telling him not to blame me, it was his idea.

We talked for a bit longer and then went our ways.

Then I wake up this morning to see Irish had struck while I was sleeping like a baby.

He sent me this.

The guy is way out of my league in every way.

9 thoughts on “More Gifts Received And Irish With The Kill Shot

  1. You’ll be up there batting in his league soon enough… Phil the Master Machinist Masturbator, he can whip his tool out faster then you can shut your eyes before the lube oil hits them…

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  2. i willing to bet there are a lot of old guys who would rather see their old tools go to a good home
    than be sold at yard sale. i have given tools away in the past to guys who needed and could use
    them. it is a good feeling knowing they be used the right way and taken care of.
    i too know the feeling of helpless trying to thank someone for such a gift.
    back in the early 1970’s i was given a bunch by a old machinist, stuff he didn’t use anymore.
    to me, they where like gold. i keep his old handmade tool box as well. the corner brackets or covers where made from old motor plates, the brass kind from the 20’s and 30’s
    i did have to replace the handle and lock over the years,but still. a prized tool box.
    i found out about the corner brackets when i refinished the box-he painted it black and it was
    getting a bit worn, so i sanded it down and poly it, the old oak gook great now.
    by the way, those black boxes are really old. enjoy what you have. i know i did and still do.

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  3. You keep ringing my chimes with that stuff.

    I started working as a Q.C. Inspector in 1972, and retired on Jan. 1 of 2020. I’ve used all that stuff, and know what it is and how it works.

    Note that for the last 30 years or so of my career, I programmed Co-Ordinate measuring machines for a living, but I learned the trade on those kinds of tools, along with dial indicators and a surface plate.

    Blasts from the past, and it all still works just fine.

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    • The new electronic stuff is nice and convenient to use. Having to stock 3 different kinds of batteries to replace when they go dead at the worst possible moment isn’t.
      These work when you need them to from now until forever.


      • That’s what got me to switch to Mitutoyo solar calipers. Only kink is if you have to measure in a shadow, get a flashlight. It’s also why I keep my work area lit up like a hydroponic grow house.


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