6 thoughts on “If I Was A Dog

  1. We think Goldies are the best. Rosie is our third. The only other breed I’ve met that has that happy, fun-loving disposition are Corgis. We’ll be the first to admit that any breed has pros and cons. Goldies make poor watchdogs–if they aren’t scared and hiding under the bed, they’ll lick a burglers hand and show him where the good stuff is. And they shed year round. Like the big guy here, they like to eat, and will blimp out if you’re not careful. They’re at their best with kids though; won’t bite a kid for anything, and just want to have fun.


    • Yep love ’em. Never had one my cousins so friendly would leave his property with anyone but we sure had fun with her hanging with us.


  2. If I was a dog: I’d spend a lot of the time looking up ladies’ skirts. If Cederq was a dog, he’d have a sore neck, as Chihuahuas are pretty close to the ground.


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