Weapons Grade Stupid

Walks RIGHT PAST the gas nozzle and hose hanging out of her car so she can start in with her butthurt Feminazi diatribe.

21 thoughts on “Weapons Grade Stupid

  1. god must have a soft spot for fools such as her. i tend to go the other way when i see morons like
    that. although, it would be fun to watch it catch fire or something like that.

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  2. I tried to flag a woman down on the highway one time. Absolutely refused to even look in my direction. Then when she did, I was given a , “I see you, asshole” backhanded wave and a snotty look. After that I said to myself, fuck it. So I accelerated past her, got in the lane directly in front of her, and did a exaggerated “whatever” gesture. Then left her ass in the dust.
    I wonder how much further she got before the tire, that was almost on the rim, shredded.

    Whitehall, NY

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  3. The guy is much nicer than I am. After she wouldn’t shut up long enough to let me tell her what was going on I would have given her the
    Hey, DUMMASS you ripped the nozzle off the pump and you’re dragging the hose down the road..

    She isn’t just stupid, she thinks she’s So hot those guys were following her.

    I hope she and everyone she knows sees this video.

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  4. All I’ve got is big black rectangle where there’s supposed to be gif or vid link or something? I’ve reloaded the page, cleared cookies, history etc and restarted my desk top, yet it persists.


    • I get the same thing, until I “temporarily allow” the scripts to run that are blocking it. My script blocker is NoScript, my browser is Pale Moon. YMMV.
      I absolutely refuse to allow Fascistbook to run scripts. The video is a hoot, and it’ll be worth trying to see it.


      • Greg, I run Pale Moon too and Adblocker. What is NoScript? Does it work well? I am still using Pro 7 OS, I know, a dinosaur, but I do not want win 10. Where do I find NoScripts?


        • Yeah, running Win10 because I’m too lazy to learn Linux. NoScript is an add-on, and when I check just now, Pale Moon says it was not designed for this platform and may not function properly. I’ve had no problems with it and have used it for years. Website for it is https://noscript.net What I like most about it is that I can selectively allow any, all, or none of the scripts a given page wants to use. Those scripts that are benign and you trust can be given permanent permission. Things like fascistbook and twatter are NO, NO, A thousand times NO!


  5. Sure would have been a shame if someone was to have flipped a lit cigarette at her gas tank.

    Back in the ancient times, before your gas cap was part of the emission crap, it was a fun game we would play when your saw someone who had lost their gas cap and stuffed a rag into the open hole ( uhhh dumbass, you just made a wick for your gas tank)


  6. Blame it on the puckered up modern whirled all these asshats have bought into, absolutely none of them can do ANYTHING without some dumbassed app telling them what to do on their phucking phones….. They simply cannot function without that piece of shit staring em in the face 24/7. Go ahead, take one away from someone for a day, they won’t be able to move…….


  7. Let’s see..
    – degree from Barnard, Brandeis or Smith….check
    – hubby, Dr. Hy Goldstein, thoracic surgical resident at Mercy General, check
    – late model Mercedes hybrid, check
    – Kids if any go to private schools, gated community, check
    – Life membership in the Democratic Party, check
    – no mask during rant at lower order human….check….

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  8. My 22 year old son and I were driving out of a grocery store parking lot while he was on a visit home just recently when we saw a very attractive young lady having some sort of problem with her her expensive car. I told him she looked like trouble and he agreed. He has a fiancĂ© and I have a wife. We drove off. My opinion is that women have killed chivalry with all their accusations and as far as I’m concerned they can use that phone that can’t get their face out of and call AAA. Good luck. I’m out.

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