This Pretty Much Sums Up The Amount Of Ridiculous We Face Every Damn Day In One Meme.

Is it any wonder why my GIVEAFUCK detector is erratic?

Seriously, try to imagine for one second, any of this outrageous bullshit trying to fly 50 years ago.

You have a dick and want to use the ladies room?

Yeah, that’s a beating AND a jailing.

Of course even back then they were flailing away at the Climate Hoax bullshit.

Except we were all going to freeze to death according to the “experts” at the time.

Which should go to show that these idiots don’t have the slightest clue.

It’s all about the propaganda which is in and of it’s self a cover for a massive money laundering scheme.

The rest of this bullshit is nothing more than a giant distraction to keep the less than attentive busy.

9 thoughts on “This Pretty Much Sums Up The Amount Of Ridiculous We Face Every Damn Day In One Meme.

  1. I was quite young, but I remember the Global Cooling hysteria of the time. It was pushed by all of the same institutions that are pushing AGW now.

    Whitehall, NY


    • Damn kid, you are older then dirt… 5 huh? Sometimes I just wish one of those end-of-the world -scenarios would just play out. I getting damn tired of hyping myself the chance to make my maker and get disappointed again and again. I myself prefer the “Sweet Meteor of Death” something serene about looking up to the sky and seeing this big ball of rock, and then hitting.


      • Ya mean like that big assed rock that come trundling otta da sky in Lucifers Hammer? That kinda big ole rock! Ya think ifn one came our way we could sorta nudge it so it would hit smack dab on perv avenue in sunny downtown cartoonistan. They already got it fenced off so the spillage wouldn’t be too drastic…..

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    • I’m embarking on my 74th trip around the sun a in a couple days and I remember well the covers of Time pictured above as I was a subscriber back then. First of the many Great Climate Hoaxes.


  2. Cederq, what have you done with Herr Unfuck? I hope you don’t have him trussed-up in a Pulp Fiction gimp outfit, down in the potato room, it must be freezing!


  3. Before my father he passed away a few years ago. He said I lived through the dustbowl and this is no different. This from a man with an 8th grade education but a lifetime of experience and commonsense. He just cut through all the horseshit. In the late seventies it was the dawn of new ice age. All people have to do is do their own research. When they say 90 % of the scientific community agree on ANY issue. It should be questioned as GROUPTHINK and not science. When everyone in thinking alike then NOBODY is thinking at all.


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