So Joe Chi Minh™ And His Handlers Want To Genocide Us Wypeepo?

I have seen this theory ,with some pretty convincing similarities of how it was done throughout history compared to what is going on right now , several times just this week alone.

They are trying to set us up for it apparently.

I wonder who they have in mind to replace us with and try to keep this country running, more Chinese?

It sure as fuck can’t be these guys.

Or these guys either.

The first group is doing everything they can to get here but I don’t see too many Civil Engineer types there myself and the second group is still living in their parents basement.

This last bunch is real good at tearing shit up and burning things down but I don’t see how that is going to be real helpful when the lights go out and the water doesn’t flow, other than providing some light on the subject at least temporarily.

I guess it’s one of those things that make you go Hmmm.

Either way, the War on White People has been going on for several years now.

That is pretty much undeniable and has been out in the open quite a while.

As far as the response to it, I’d have to say that the White folks in this country have shown remarkable restraint so far, even though the goading and targeting have pretty much been relentless lately.

That begs the question of what is it going to take for that to change?

It’s looking more and more like we are all going to find out here in the not too distant future.

And when it does change, the results will go down in history for thousands of years.

Because there are a whole lot of White People in this country.

25 thoughts on “So Joe Chi Minh™ And His Handlers Want To Genocide Us Wypeepo?

  1. It’s often said that normal middle class Americans don’t have a political “dial” that goes from peaceful to violent slowly and incrementally. We have a switch that goes from behave to
    BURN IT ALL DOWN AND KILL THE BASTARDS. It’s quite obvious that it’s time to FLIP THAT


  2. Yup. There’s only a few distinctive ethnic types out there who are generally good at keeping the lights on, the water flowing, and the sewage contained. I’ve been to Mexico and several Caribbean islands and those aren’t the right ethnic types. I would not care to live in a majority non-white country for any period of time.

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  3. Carry that idea out to it’s natural conclusion…..the elites are using the “browns” to cancel der whitey. So once that happens…..who cancels out the “browns”?
    Because ya know, once the killers get the taste for blood; nothing is going to satisfy them but more blood. And they will turn on their masters.


  4. What really slays me about the war on wypepo is that, like the BLM movement, it’s whites that are fomenting and perpetuating this hatred. I really think that they haven’t thought through to the end game here, specifically what happens if they “win”. Does winning mean that ALL elected and appointed .gov officials, teachers and college professors will be some color other than white? If that’s the case, what happens to all of the wypepo currently in those positions? Do they really think that they’re just going to gracefully relinquish the control that wypepo have had and built for generations?


  5. Their goal is to replace us all with Chinese. The Chinese don’t even want round eyes as labor. We’ve sold them some worthless dollars and they are coming for their pound of flesh. They want our farms and infrastructures. There may be selective, discrete, nuking of useless eaters, but they don’t want to poison too much. Wetbacks will be stopped and Canada will be intimidated. Some fallout blow into Canada? What are they gonna do? Stomp their feet and wring their hands? If the remainder of the world sees th U.S. fall, the Chinkese can do as they please. I used to think China would nuke the west coast and Russia would smoke the east coast. Now, I’m not sure about russia.


  6. Just re-watched the 1961 movie “Judgement at Nuremburg”. The parallels to today in the trail, and the total opposite of today’s .gov in the verdict and remarks by Spencer Tracy will make your blood run cold, and then boil.

    How long before they start trying to issue yellow badges?


  7. What makes you think they have a plan for who’s going to keep the lights on and the sewage processed? There are two broad groups of people who are doing the most to destroy the US (and the West), and infrastructure and maintenance are barely on their radars.

    The more numerous group is generally low IQ, and to them infrastructure is just THERE. Just like their welfare checks and all the other “free” stuff they get given to them. It’s just shit that happens, like rain falling from the sky. Most of these people don’t even THINK about the engineers, the linemen, the truckers, etc, who keep the nation going. I see a lot of bitching about this group, but they are not the really dangerous ones.

    The far less numerous (but much more harmful) group is generally high IQ, but they tend to deal in finance, insurance, academics, and of course propaganda (er, entertainment, advertising, and ownership of sports franchises). They tend to not deal with physical stuff either, as they are more invested in manipulating ideas and other intangibles (you think your debt buck is real?). Also, this group has historically done well in fragmented societies full of different groups at each others’ throats, and they feel threatened if the host nation is largely homogeneous. They are deadly afraid of their hosts having unity, pride in their own heritage, and ethnoreligious cohesion. THIS is why advertising, TV shows, movies, etc etc etc are all about denigrating and degrading white people and glorifying Blacks. This is why normal (i.e. “traditional”) families are mocked and parodied. This is why porn is full of “incest” and “interracial” stuff (yes, this group plays an outsized role in production of pornography as well). It’s all about breaking down the morals, pride and self-worth of the host population.

    As to replacing white people, there is no goal to replace white people. When the smart group gets around to thinking about it, they realize that they need whites to keep things going. East Asians can keep the lights on too, but EAs are almost as ethnocentric and discriminatory as the smart group. The smart group cannot play the game of “we are your fellow yellows” to Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans, because the EAs will call them out on it.

    The goal is not replace white people, the goal is to humiliate white people and make them pathetically grateful to be allowed to keep a place in the civilization they built. It’s like the guy who abuses his wife. He doesn’t necessarily want to replace his wife. He wants her psychologically broken so that she has no sense of self-worth and becomes dependent on his approval. “Who besides me would even LOOK at you? You’re not pretty, you’re not smart, you’re not any good in the sack! You’re lucky you have me. You’d never find another man. You should be grateful! Stupid bitch.” All this as he depends on her to take care of him and all the household stuff. THAT’s what our smug, self-righteous, parasitic “elite” is doing to us normal people.


  8. well remember, the chinese have no use for 90% of our population besides for sex slaves and fertilizer. well maybe organ harvestees. but you get the idea. as to the rest look at the great tech advances coming out of mexico, why there’s….well, then there’s….okay they never invented shit. neither has africa. look at south africa, once the land of milk n honey. once they fed all of greater africa, killed or chased off the white farmers. now they can’t feed themselves. and yes, the water n sewer infrastructure lasted about ten years after the white techs left. last summer they rationed water and routinely shit in the street. i’ve said it before, the human race has but a short time left on this planet. ….what has been the point of it all?


  9. “”That begs the question of what is it going to take for that to change?”

    Throughout history, most targets of genocide have passively gone along with it – even well after it was obvious what was happening. A few will escape, and another few will usually stage some sort of doomed resistance long after the point of no return, but by and large, most people just accept it. Scary to think about.

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    • I wonder if at this point of history we as citizens are the most heavily armed populace with modern arms equivalent to military weapons and have the trained veterans if that won’t make a difference, ex: Weimer Germany, most families had a fowling piece, shotgun and maybe a 32 caliber pistol if that. Most other societies had a hunting rifle. We are a established gun culture and most own several rifles and shotguns and pistols and much more ammo then ever.
      One has to hope we won’t go meekly into those fetid, democraptic boxcars.


      • Tough to say; the Rwandan genocide was in large part accomplished with things that just about everyone – killer and victim alike – had access to. One group was willing to use what they had against those they saw as enemies (and those of their own who weren’t enthusiastic enough, too); the other didn’t.


  10. The left is not thinking that far ahead. They have no intention to create an
    orderly society. Their strategy goes back to the modern philosopher Franz
    Hagel. He inspired Hitler, Darwin, and Marx but his main contribution was
    to advocate the destruction of an economy and offering yourself to the
    people as a solution to the problem. He used the same strategy to create
    what Eric Hoffer called a “focusing agent” as an enemy such as the Jews,
    the evil capitalists, Goldstein from Orwell’s 1984, etc.

    The problem with imposing communism on a prosperous capitalist nation
    is the existing society has to be torn down. This led to the Cloward-
    Piven strategy. Their plan was to bankrupt America under the weight
    of a massive welfare state and replace it with a communist utopia.
    By the mid-60s the left abandoned the Soviet model and now embrace
    Maoism and radical environmentalism. Mao and Pol Pot in Cambodia
    exterminated the educated classes because the peasants were easier
    to control.

    By the early-90s the environmental left was calling for “coercive population
    control measures” meaning the extermination of 9 out of every 10 people
    on the planet. Their goal was small scattered social enclaves along the
    lines of Indian tribes. They have no plans for rebuilding what they
    tore down. The one thing that is certain is that political opponents
    will be the first to board the boxcars. I still think they lack the numbers
    and arms to win but given the campaign rhetoric in 2020, things are
    going to get ugly. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    sounds a lot like the Trump Accountability Project. High-level
    Democrat campaign staffers were caught in hidden videos calling
    for reeducation camps and gulags.


    • I think you mean Friedrich Hegel. Franz Hagel owned a schnitzel shop in Dusseldorf. Hegel didn’t advocate shit. He explained the process of history using the concept of dialectical materialism. A lot of people took that idea and ran with it in a lot of different directions across the political spectrum.


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