22 thoughts on “Ah Yeah, Ya Got Me There.

      • Amazing how Cederq and I are able to detect that, and he flies by with you.
        I’m guessing that you haven’t seen some of his postings on other sites.
        Its like this, you know how some light switches have dimmers built in?
        Well, someone has his turned down pretty low.

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      • I hope he took O2 with that, nitrous is a heavy gas and will suffocate your scrawny ass real quick. We had a rash of deaths and near deaths due to asswipes in Portland breaking into dentist offices and stealing the nitrous oxide and not the O2 and huffing them for the high…


        • Nope.
          Straight out of the tank that looked like what my cutting torches would use.
          Had been blowing up a big rubber balloon and sucking it that way.
          Then the balloon broke and he went tank to mouth directly. ONCE.


          • DR, re your tinned food, have any modern cans with peel-open lids, or other package designs, failed you? Why do you refer to glass containers of preserves as ‘canned’, is that an American thing?


            • All you need to buy after acquiring the glass canning jars and rings is the lids which are fairly cheap. The glass jars and the sealing rings are reusable.
              You buy a pressure canner and you are in business year after year.


                • It went Big Time during The Great Depression during the 1930’s and after.
                  My Grandparents used to can everything. Meats, veggies, even Salmon. my Grandmother even made her own Tomato Juice.
                  She canned so much that my Grandfather enclosed his garage permanently and filled the whole thing with shelves just to hold all the jars.


      • Propane has a vapor point of -44F, and comes out of the valve orifice at about -40F, the propane guy is lucky it didn’t flash freeze his mouth, lower sinus cavities and esophagus besides burning his ass face…


        • One time when I was in Junior High school this kid down the street died from inhaling PAM (The non stick cooking stuff). Turns out it froze his larynx and throat and he suffocated. I remember thinking that he wasn’t going to make it anyway because someone that stupid would have gotten killed some other way sooner or later.


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  2. No worries egorr, you’re casting pearls before swine with some of Phil’s regulars. BTW, when your buddy Cederq paid you a visit, how far away did that glittering gay-bar on the front of the Chevy announce his presence from? DHS want to know, they will save money if they retrieve their tracking pinger for more pressing use.


  3. I can understand that, you’d need a long glass jar with a bow in the middle! I was a commercial banana ripener for over 20 years, ripening pallets full of fruit in controlled-storage rooms, using ethylene gas to ‘awaken’ the fruit from it’s hard-green state, timing things just right to supply retailers. The technique can apply to avocados as well. Both fruits are beneficial for your readers, in that they are easily digested and metabolised in the gut of the elderly and infirm.


  4. .Noting all the above mentioned problems betcha the guy is using odor free, food grade butane from a marijuana extract lab. Butane changes from liquid to gas just below 32 deg. A regular propane tank valve won’t allow gas out unless a external fitting is screwed into valve. What ever they use to make propane stink stays a long time on your skin, can you imagine that stuff inside your mouth? Vomit


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