Nancy Pelosi’s Great Wall

If her and her kind weren’t all Sociopathic Hypocrits they would be ashamed to show their faces in public.

Sent to me by Terrapod.

12 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Great Wall

  1. If the peloser wants a wall, I say lets give her one, since we can’t go in, why not build a 20′ wall just next to her pretty 12 foot wall and put no vehicle or personal egress. extend it down to the tunnels and even the water and sewage outflows.


  2. What amazes me is… All of that was already ready to go. Steel panels, concrete footers. I can see the razor wire being on tap, but the panels and footers?

    Which comes to… this was planned way in advance, like over a year. Years. And nobody talked about it, no one in government service leaked it, nothing was said about this.

    Which, of course, pisses me royally off. Why are these pampered pseudo-princes and princesses so much more important than we?


    To the point they all need to die, and their families and friends, just to make sure the infection of power isn’t transmitted.


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