It’s Sunday Afternoon And That Time Again

I just heard the coffee pot give off that gurgle noise when the brewing is finished so step one is complete.

See you sometime tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “It’s Sunday Afternoon And That Time Again

  1. I guess you’ve noticed by now you’ve got a lot of Texans on here. I’m thinking it’s a personality type thing. I don’t know what made me think of this just now but I keep a copy of Jeff Coopers “To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth” close to hand. Recommended reading if you can find it. Let’s all go defeat another Monday!


    • Mikey, I noticed this morning about all you Texans on here… didn’t have a nice say, so I didn’t say anything, heh. No, I was going to say how nice it is to know all of our Texan Brethren. You are the Lone Star State in name only, we all share that Lone Star.


  2. Some notes from the frozen north, land of Queen (off with their heads) Whitmer.
    Got above freezing first time in at least 10 days, snow pack crusting over but can’t hold up the terrier, she sinks till the belly lands. Still about 12 inches deep on the flats with 5 foot berms where the snow blower sends the stuff. Gas creeping up, now 40 cents more than 3 weeks ago, clocking in at about 2.65 for regular while I am paying 2.89/gal for diesel, also about 40 cents above what it was, and expect it to keep climbing. Weekly staples have jumped about 30 bucks since last November. The suckage proceeds as was to be expected by the sane, ti’s what happens when the insane are in power..


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