5 thoughts on “Oh Sure, Where Was This Guy When I Needed Him At Christmas?

  1. After spending close to an hour in a crowded Toys-R-Us just days before
    Christmas, I was ready to eat a fucking gun. I went out of the store and
    noticed the Girl Scouts set up several tables where they would wrap
    all the presents for donations. One of the leaders said 15 dollars and
    I said do it. They were as good as the guy in the video and they were
    done in minutes. As I watched them, I decided that 15 dollars was too
    cheap and doubled the price. It became a yearly ritual because wrapping
    presents for all the second and third cousins was a job I did not want to do!


  2. I’m amazed at how everything is packaged. I’m guessing that at least some portion of every packaging job is done by hand at 60 units an hour per person.
    We had a family friend that designed packaging boxes. I never went by his factory to see how it was done. I wish I had.


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