Indisputable Proof Of Just How Stupid These Democrats Really Are

It’s not like anyone didn’t try to warn the dumb bastards.

If I lived in that area I would be out on the street with a recall petition personally.

As a matter of fact, there should be criminal offenses involved here somewhere.

Remember this?

Entire city blocks were burned to the ground and their response was to cut police funding.

Someones need to be held responsible for that shit.

25 thoughts on “Indisputable Proof Of Just How Stupid These Democrats Really Are

  1. And note this:

    “Which, let’s be clear, they are not—not all of them, at any rate. That’s not to say that any have been proved. They’ve barely been investigated, whether at the federal or state level, in the courts, or by the media. For it’s quite clear that most of the people who really run America don’t want to know what really happened. More to the point, they don’t want you to know. Republican officials fear the uncovering of something that should have obligated them to act. The Democrats are happy with the outcome and either don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, or have simply redefined “democracy” to mean achieving the correct outcome, no matter how. And so for all their bleating about “our democracy,” these dedicated ideologues have come to believe the incorrect outcome is ipso facto “anti-democratic.”

    “Not that uncovering any real facts would have mattered much. Big Tech and the media have made clear that the matter is closed, the science (as they say) “settled,” and will brook no questions. Irregularities that our own State Department considers sufficient proof to declare third-world elections fraudulent are, here at home, not even enough to quality as “evidence.” The standard of proof for Republicans is set so high as to be (deliberately) unmeetable.”


  2. Anyone who suffered losses from all the bullshit that went on this past year should be able to go after the local and state government for failing to do their job of protecting the taxpayers. If you were a cop who was still collecting a paycheck and just stood there and watched people get beat up, property destroyed, you should pay as well.


    • No, because the Sheeple will not rise up and correct the problem. WE are the only ones that can correct the problem, one way or another.
      I don’t have much hope this will happen until the feces strikes the rotating blades.


  3. What kind of officers will they be able to hire? A command structure that is so compromised, and reactionary does not make for a productive environment.


  4. Totally off topic but we are looking at a7500% increase in our natural gas bill according to the letter sent yesterday by our village government .i think that the big gas companies are trying to shove a big one up Bidens ass unfortunately they don’t care who gets crushed in the process!


      • Gotta be Tejas – I just read another report about the whopping bills people have received. It seems that their rate structure there is “variable”, and ERCOT is so poorly run that they bought electricity and/or nat. gas at truly exorbitant to meet demand. It gets passed along to the customers…


  5. Ok, Phil, going to have to do this on the phone.
    Enough internet on the computer to read your last email.
    Sweet baby Jesus, thank you.
    As of right now, electric shit ain’t working.
    At least where I am.
    Colder than fuck.
    Plus I’m getting old.
    Anyhow, been offloading diesel tankers since last Friday to try keeping the power going.
    Sucks, but it pays.
    All day everyday.
    Such is life.
    I’ll email back at you as soon as I can.
    Seems like that the wife and kids are fine, they’re set up for success anyhow.
    No matter how insane they think I am.
    Food, water, and heat?
    Not near as crazy, am i?


  6. I’m in central Illinois.Gas was 2 something 3 days ago hit 625 yesterday and closed at just under 300$ . Go to village of Rossville Illinois web page , I wish it was a drunken nightmare but I checked again this morning and it wasn’t. Sorry to get off topic from your post but I read your blog every day and just wondering if anyone else is hearing this.


    • You are more than welcome to share information anytime. Basically the way I view this place is that there is no such thing as off topic here. I only draw the line at bullshit trolling. That I have no sense of humor about.


      • i love your blog I usually get a couple laughs from you or someone in the comments and laughing doesn’t seem to come as easy as it used to. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  7. Who the fuck could have possibly predicted this outcome? That would be
    US. The left sees a static world in which defunding police departments
    does not violate the law of unintended consequences. They also believe
    that raising the minimum wage will have no impact low wage jobs and
    raising taxes has no effect on government revenue. We are dealing with
    uneducated morons with no knowledge of history, economics, or a
    basic understanding of human nature. When the government mandated
    low-flow toilets Americans were buying their crappers from Canada. When
    they banned CFCs, black market refrigerants eclipsed drugs as the number
    one black market trade with Mexico.

    When the feds hiked luxury taxes, the people who made yachts, limos,
    jewelry, airplanes, and yachts all got pink slips. The rich did not get
    rich by being stupid. They started buying these items offshore, which
    led to a massive drop in government revenue. The same goes for the
    left with their tax the rich crusade. It was high taxes and crushing
    regulations that led to corporate America relocating to China and
    other tax havens. When you fuck the rich it is the working man who
    feels the dick!

    Another PJ O’Rourke gem, “Wealth is not a pizza, where if I have too
    many slices you have to eat the Domino’s box.” He then went on
    to describe the Democrat’s zero-sum gain economics. “The economy
    is capable of infinite expansion.” When I was in my early teens the
    Dow broke 1,000 for the first time. Thanks to Trumpanomics, it is
    nearing 35,500. Policies have consequences, but the left is too
    stupid to see them!


    • It is like I tell my kids…rich folks do not stay rich by being stupid. Gates and Zuckerberg transferred ALL their personal wealth into charitable foundations and installed themselves as the head cheeses of them and set it up so that only their family members will EVER Run them. Smart.
      Apple, the richest business in the world, has so much money overseas they do not know what to do with it., They ain’t bringing it back here so it can get taxed.
      And the folks writing these insane laws? Do you really think for one minute that it is folks like you, me or Phil? Hell no. It is rich folks who put so many loopholes in that only they can exploit.
      The system is rigged against folks like us and it will never change.


  8. It is a sad thing when a/the third party looks at a 2 party arrangement and thinks they will interject, “consequence free”. Raise the minimum wage. Mandate Hours worked for a scale, not a Rate.
    In Washington, a recent SC ruling said [Dairy Farm] workers are not exempt from the 1959 legislation that exempted Farm Workers from overtime rules, (because it is a hazardous job). So will the legislature now fix the law to read Farmers Not Exempt, or will they fix the law to include Except For Dairy Farm workers?
    The root of the case(s) was that a few farms were paying the bottom of the barrel wages, and maybe even raping the workers lower than that. So they are suggesting in a roundabout way that Employment security was not enforcing minimum wage law, and that L&I/OSHA for the last 30 years has been a joke (though it’s not).
    But the reality is that anybody who isn’t paying $16-20 hour doesn’t have a stable crew nor good work output since they have high turnover.
    The case farm is (I believe) out of business anyway, they were fighting over the carcass. But it is going to damage Everybody. Several things play out from here.
    In really small farms, people less than 40 hours see no change to their pay.
    In another segment, I believe another 25% of farms will give up. It was the final straw that broke the camel.
    In my case, it’s that my $18-20 (50 odd hours) pay rate goes to the lesser $16.50ish (it’s different every check), but their check is still the same, not smaller than before the adjustment. Currently 10 workers earning $45-50,000ish each is going to go to 6 workers when 10 robots arrive. Worker pay rate will be a solid $20, maybe a little more, but they will not be allowed to work over 40 hours =$41,600.
    Trickle Down Does.


  9. I live in the area. Let it burn. All of it. Teach the fuckers a lesson they will never forget. You voted for this shit. There are consequences. I am at the point now where I don’t give a damn. My family is all that matters.

    And yes, we are moving.


  10. They will, of course, have recruiting problems. So they’ll lower the standards.

    Then, they’ll want to recruit the..uh.. indigenous population. Even if these IPs have records, they’ll gloss it over.

    Then they will have thuggish police. But since they are IPs, we’ll never hear about it.

    What we’ll hear is that this misery wouldn’t happen to white people (the ones that will have left) were there.


  11. One thing about the whole run-up to the election (rigged as it was) I’d humbly offer, was that it got a whole bunch of people, at least in my neck of the woods to either, get into “prepping for beginners” or for folks such as my friends and partners in crime to double down big time.

    Of course it was probable easier for those of us in “Hillbilly America” to be prepped like our ancestors had to do – lessons learned – than it was for folks not in such rural areas (boonies actually) as we find ourselves.

    5° this morning and there’s 14″ of the white stuff on the ground but all in all I’m fairly confident northern Arkansas fared pretty good.

    And I seriously doubt any of “our cops (or wannabes) are gonna be enthusiastic about re-locating to places such like, Minneapolis no matter how large the hiring bonuses those idiots put on offer.


  12. TechieDude,

    About them hiring outta the ranks of ‘Little Mogadishu’s’ finest and best (IPs) there’s something I think maybe you didn’t follow so much:

    That instance alone I think (but I’d grant I might be allowing the nuts who’re running the place more sense than G-d gave a goose) would make the “powers that be” mighty hesitant to do much recruiting from the – as you’ve put it the ‘IP’ = indigenous population while I myself, actually and personally did some time south of Djibouti back when Marine General Zinni was running the ops before we [US] turned control of the mess over to the UN would rather, employ the term for ‘IP’ to = ignorant podunks. But that’s just me I suppose.

    At any rate I would imagine if the idiots running whatever serves as the governing body of such a city as Minneapolis hope to recruit “a sensible force” they’re gonna be forced to recruit from outside the state. Because to do otherwise almost certainly guarantees another ‘Black Hawk Down – American version.’


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