9 thoughts on “And That’s As Close As You Will Ever Get To It Too.

  1. Gotta be a teflon coated soyboi 7075 aluminum one. What idiot would do that with a proper cast iron skillet? Damn thing would crack. Blacksmith.. my achin’ ass…..prob’ly can’t lift a cast iron skillet.


  2. Dumb as shit. Learned a long time ago that when a farrier puts a horseshoe in water he shakes it to prevent steam cavitation on the surface and keep the quench even. I guess nobody teaches that kind of crap anymore. You don’t just “throw” things in. Got me thinking about my old welding teacher in Metal Trades in high school. The only teacher I stayed in touch with right up till he passed on.


  3. That AIN’T how you quench a cast iron skillet. And it ain’t how you temper steel either… What a dolt.
    And you AIN’T gonna get those buff metal muscles from a skillet. Maybe from lifting and toting some box beam or heavy angle iron for a few years…


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