This Is A Good Read

I found this link over at Pete’s Place and as usual, anything I see recommended over there gets at least a perfunctory look at.

I wound up reading the whole piece and found myself nodding my head in agreement several times.

In short, there is bad shit coming our way but there is light and a whole bunch of rope at the end of the tunnel.

I think you should go see what I mean.

10 thoughts on “This Is A Good Read

  1. I just skimmed it but will go back and read it in full. Conservatism is not about
    instincts or emotions. It takes effort to study economics, philosophy, history,
    and politics. Mine is a mix of Randian Objectivism, small l Libertarianism,
    conservatism, and understanding of our Founding Fathers and economics.
    Ayn Rand pointed out that all forms of collectivist governments differ only
    to the degree to which private property was permitted. This includes
    socialism, communism, fascism, and even the rule of kings, as I will get
    to soon. The difference between a kind king and a tyrant is based on which
    side of the bed the king wakes up. In another essay, she explained that
    all forms of collectivism will eventually devolve into a totalitarian police state.

    The American left uses Scandanavian countries as a socialist utopia, but
    they really lust for power and control of every aspect of our lives. It began
    in the sixties and by the middle seventies, Ubangi’s political mentor Bill
    Ayers was calling for the extermination of 25,000,000 Americans who would
    resist the reeducation camps. By 2020, the Democrats dropped their masks
    and revealed themselves as advocates for a totalitarian police state. They
    DO want to send us to reeducation and death camps the moment they
    succeed in disarming the American people. This is the line that once
    crossed, we will have no other choice save armed resistance.

    Alzheimer’s Joe’s handlers are working to purge military high command
    and using social media to do the same for individual soldiers who
    committed thought crimes. Those who remain will be subject to
    loyalty oaths to the Democrat party. Many conservatives think the
    American people will never fight back, but the Democrats will force
    the issue on us. Most soldiers are patriots will keep their mouths
    shut and when the shit hits the fan will not turn their guns on us.
    When they attempt to seize our firearms the shit is on for the vast
    majority of the 75,000,000 armed American citizens, who comprise
    the largest standing army in the world. We will still win this fight, but
    it will get bloody! We are what our Founding Fathers saw as the
    real militia, a militia made up of farmers, tradesmen, frontiersmen,
    and the like. As King Lionitus said, “come and take them!”


    • Ah, but what will the police do when trying to take our guns?
      Most of the Old Guard are ex-military, the younger ones are ambivalent, the newest ones are snotflakes with badges.



      • Law Enforcement will do whatever their pension-masters tell them to do.

        However, after the first team or two get wiped out, they might pause.

        After their bosses and families start disappearing or getting barbecued in their homes, they won’t show up anymore.

        Then the mercs and foreigners, especially the ones with the bright blue target headwear come to enforce diktats.

        At least that’s how a good dystopian book reads…


        • I just got around to reading it. The author and I think a lot alike. Yes, it is
          going to get ugly but the left will overplay their hand, leading to their
          own destruction.


  2. It’s pretty interesting reading. The very last sentence sums it up, too.
    It’s what we wewe in the blogosphere have been saying for some time now. And the pressure kettle is starting to really pressurize.


  3. The creed of the left is based on selfishness, narcissism and greed. Such a system, when it takes over a society always dooms that society.. Every place their political system is implemented ends up in total dissaray. The leftists take over a country or society and strip it of of it’s assets, destroy it’s economy and render it nonfunctional. After they are through they melt into the background, disappear and move somewere else to repeat the process leaving behind misery, destruction and death. Currently they are targeting be USA. After destroying the greatest country in history they will….as always…move on to another victim leaving a corpse in their wake. Until rational people grape this reality, identify it’s perpetrators and exterminate them the parasites we call “leftists” will continue acting like vampires. Moving from place to place sucking the life out of people and cultures.


  4. Without naming names, let me just say that in industry I’m detecting a sudden realization that letting the diversity committee be in charge of selecting leadership is causing failures and an attempt at reversing course is quietly going on. It may be too late but there are some people being moved and removed. I’ve just been an up close witness of the results of letting clueless people be in charge of the power grid in Texas and if not for prep activity and keeping all my old Scout Leader gear we would have been in trouble. Stay ready. The last few days have been a real good practice run for everything going off the rails.


  5. Appreciate the linked piece. I took particular not of this,

    “And while we’ve seen a lot of Omerta among leftists, note that they’re all afflicted by evil villain syndrome. Sooner or later, they brag about how clever they were in deceiving us. So, if your conspiracy theory requires perfect silence forever, it’s probably not true.”

    Which immediately brought to mind something else I’ve read during all this Global Warming that’s been keeping me in lately – y’all might find it interesting that *they’re* now to a point where they feel comfortable enough to actually begin bragging about what they did.

    Makes me sick.


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