RIP Rush

I’m sure you have heard the news that American Talk Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning.

I would be severely remiss not to note his passing as a very notable point in the history of this country.

He was listened to and the voice of millions of Americans over the years.

Undaunted and defiantly spreading his message in the face of overwhelming noise from the Anti Americans we have so far been forced to live with.

I am hoping against hope that we see that tide change within my lifetime.

Rest In Peace sir.

13 thoughts on “RIP Rush

      • Rush and Donald Trump are sincere patriots who love America. I think the leftists who burn cities, hate the military, never met a drug they didn’t like and want to lower the age of consent are the pill-popping pedos. Look no further than the First Kid, Hunter Biden.


      • There is ZERO evidence that President Trump ever did drugs
        and BOTH had medical deferments. As for Limbaugh’s drug
        use, his particular back problem, a high percentage of people
        with the same problem committed suicide due to the high-level
        pains they experienced. Cut the guy some slack, before
        the onset he was as anti-drug as they get!

        I had 4 close relatives who became become junkies. I live with
        constant pain and I would rather die in pain than ever take opiates
        or other hard drugs! When I leave this mortal coil it will be on my
        own terms and they do not involve stupid pills. I’ll leave that to idiot
        liberal hippies.


      • Aaaand, xe’s back. (Or one interchangeably similar anyway. Sorry for assuming your pronoun, BTW.)
        Since you like psychobabble (or “pyschobabble” as you say) here’s your word for the day: Projection.

        Why else the obsession about labeling people “pedos”?


  1. Normally I have sympathy for people with substance abuse problems like Rush (oxy), DJT (adderall) and Hunter (cocaine). I have no sympathy for Rush since he spent decades shouting about how drug-addled maggots would be better off dead. Then he became one.

    DJT was a Palm Beach BFF of Epstein. Many pictures available of Trump inappropriately touching his daughter-wife Ivanka. DJT bragged to Howard Stern about barging into the Miss Teen USA changing room to check out the merchandise since he owned the pageant. Rush is known for his sex tours of the Dominican Republic. The only question is whether he preferred boys or girls.

    Both Rush and DJT had rich daddies who paid doctors to find a medical reason for their kids to avoid the draft. Very common for rich kids back in the day. Rush had a pimple on his butt (cyst) and DJT had phantom bone spurs that didn’t stop him from playing intramural baseball, hence the nickname Cadet Bone Spurs

    Ironically, Hunter actually volunteered for the service and was kicked out for drugs.

    Just sayin’


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