30 thoughts on “So How Did They Make It Taste Like It Was 50 Years Old When It Was New?

  1. When i was a kid, my oldest brother’s friend made helper helper. It was hamburger helper made with some kind of stuff to stretch the hamburger- probably some soy meal or something. Anyway they all got a terrific case of the runs.


  2. It has it’s advantages.

    It’s cheap. You can put a dozen boxes of it back for less than $15. It’s not totally repulsive unless you are French. With some additions ad-lib it can actually be almost decent.

    It’s quick. One hour from concept to table, including defrosting the Hamburger.

    I’d rather have it than most of the stuff they sell as “delivered meals”. No kale, sweet potatoes, or mashed Cauliflower masquerading as food.

    YMMV, but once a month or so it fits the need just fine.


  3. Shit ain’t too bad. It’s quick, easy, and keeps a hot meal in your gut rather than going hungry. Really comes in handy on longer camping trips.


  4. The shit is OK for preps or occasional use but it is LOADED with sodium.
    I am a pasta freak from hell who makes spaghetti, chicken fettucini alfredo,
    chicken cacciatore, chili-mac, you name it from scratch. Tonight it is honey
    mustard chicken and tomorrow it’s beef tips in gravy over egg noodles.
    when I make any chili dish if it doesn’t burn my asshole, it’s not hot enough!

    I had to look up Prince Spaghetti Day. Do not forget to have pancakes on
    March 16. That is the day the leftist bitch Rachel Corey threw herself under
    an Israeli bulldozer to protect the Moose-slimes in Israel. The holiday was
    created by IDF soldiers who named her Saint Pancake.

    Phil, the tracking number still has a weather exception notice. Whatever
    happened to this motto? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
    stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”


  5. It was a quick
    Turd Kit back in the eighties, until I poured it into the meat and saw it was full of bugs. Shut the stove off and wee went out.
    Never opened another box.


  6. My Wifely Unit or myself can make it easily and a whole lot cheaper than Helper. Tastes better, too.

    HH is for bachelors who can’t cook – I am “assuming” you CAN, Cederq et al.


      • I like Rice A Roni too, spicing it up with spare ramen spice packets for different flavors. Rice is pretty damn versatile.

        Ate a lot of Hamburger Helper when I was growing up. Mom was a worker bee so didn’t always have the time to cook everything from scratch. In college, HH was the main course, eating it straight from the skillet often (I lived alone in apartment)


    • Did I say Hamburger Helper Cheesy Mac? I said cheesy mac… big difference. I too make my own and I am sure it tastes better then yours. Do you want to be embarrassed by a cook off and I win? Like most everything I do, I do well.


      • Getting kinda testy are we?

        Years ago in my early starving bachelor days I worked a job that required lots of travel. I come home late after a week of flying and rental cars, pretty much beat and all I had was a box of generic corn flakes and some milk. Poured a bowl full and took a bite and the milk was bad.
        I dumped it out, cleaned the bowl and filled with the rest of the corn flakes. Only thing left was a can if miller lite.
        Yes that was supper.


  7. I’m not eating it. Nope.
    I do a lot of beans and rice right on the wood stove.
    Brown some burger and a can of chilies or tomatos.
    Make enough for a few meals.
    25 lbs of rice and pinto beans is maybe $25.00 ea.
    That’s months of food right there.
    Not very good soil here. I stuck potato starters in a pile of sand.
    Forgot about them mostly because of construction projects all season.
    Dug them up in the fall and filled the tailgate of my truck with them. Some as big as grapefruit.


  8. I can’t believe all these comments and no one has mentioned the line …

    “I don’t know why they call this stuff hamburger helper, it does just fine all by itself!”

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    • Now there’s a comment worthy of the subject. Oregon passed a statute a year or so ago making harvesting roadkill legal.
      A conversation some years back, a co-worker asked me what I’d be willing to eat in desperate times. I just said that I hoped I had enough garlic and cayenne to choke down that possum with.


  9. It’s amazing what a jar of Ragu or Prego can do for a quick and easy pasta
    meal. Add some ground beef and you’re done. The same goes for chili-
    mac. Add chili sauce mix, some diced chili peppers and you have a meal.
    The same goes for a stovetop tuna casserole if you can make a good
    milk gravy. It works for Alfredo sauce as well. Cooking can be a bitch
    if you don’t use shortcuts, some of which make the job a lot easier. You
    can even use a slow cooker for meatloaf. A few weeks ago, I did it the
    old-fashioned way and it took forever. You can use the fucker for soups,
    stews, and a lot of other meals. Cooking should not wear your ass out
    and having you bitching like a housewife about slaving over a hot stove
    all day.


  10. Never ever had HH as a kid, Dad would have thrown it from the porch. Sicilian Mom could make chicken soup from the shadow of a chicken that starved to death. She taught all her children’s to cook. I made beef stroganoff from left over prime rib last night. I’m allergic to onions so I can’t eat a bunch of prepared shit. Even Heinz Ketchup has onion powder in it. My friends when I was little would always try to stay for supper. Usually got the best meal that they would eat that week.

    Spin Drift


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