11 thoughts on “Warp Speed

  1. Outside the observable universe? The furthest lighted objects we have seen is I believe 13.something billion light years away. Warp speed = light speed so it would take at least 13.n billion years to get here from there.


    • I was a Trekkie nerd back then in the dark ages and as I understood the physics of Star Trek, warp 1 was five times the speed of C, warp 2 was twelve times, Warp 3, twenty two.. and some weird geometric progression until Warp nines was top speed at 134 times the speed of C. But who knows…


  2. Target – Earth
    Recomended Load – Mk711 mod 2.0 Probe
    Load Effective Range – 91.817 million miles

    Gimme 6.7 billion mils to range
    Solar Wind – 6 o’clock relative, speed 894774.517 mph, Zero Value
    Hold L edge of Mars.
    Diurnal temperature variation 3.9 target atmosphere. Elevation Correction – Negative Negative .3
    Atmospheric Penetration Angle -13.750 degrees relative. center center target
    APA Friction Compensation – KY69 plus
    10 second exposure Cycle.

    Watch breathing
    Fire at will

    Miss, atmospheric skip.
    Increase APA negative angle, relative -8.745 degrees

    Fire at will

    Send It


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