11 thoughts on “THIS, Is What I Am Afraid Of

  1. Can’t tell you the number of young people I’ve talked to who tell me they are Scared To Death to drive on snow. I tell them we just went out to a large empty parking lot covered with snow.and drove as fast as we could to find out how the car would perform accelerating, turning and stopping.
    Aint a big trick.


  2. We are covered with snow here and it’s still snowing. My 4WD Toyota with off road tires, diff locker, and built in WARN 8000 winch is parked and that’s were it’s staying for the duration. Plenty of food and supplies here and working from home. I could get around just fine if I needed to but I have nothing to prove and everyone out there is yakking away on their phones about a whole bunch of nothing. Tell me another piece of equipment you would operate while talking on the phone. We’ve already seen a 100+ car pile up here and I just don’t want to play anymore. Sign me laying low in Texas.


    • And that b exactly where it should stay too. When you lose control of an actual 4×4 you can’t gain control back until it comes to a stop, and that could be ass end down in a ditch, which would still require a tow cause you’d be high centered on the edge and you shouldn’t have been going that fast or even on the roads inna first place. So there you have it, yet another reason to stick your middle finner at the rest of the world and simply say – Fuck Off…..


  3. When it starts raining, I wait a few minutes and give the brakes a fair squeeze. Always I tell the wife I am gonna. Always pisses her off. I wanna knooow wtf I’m driving on. Playing in a frozen parking lot is how I learned that Rockford turn around. Parking lots are great for practicing stuff. Low speed handling on a bike, what the car can and can’t do in
    Compromised Traction situations, and how to deal with it.

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  4. We get 3-4 months of the possibility of snow ice etc. as others have noted , when I first started driving we went out and fucked around in parking lots. Rear wheel drive 1978 Monte Carlo. Then I moved on to 4 wheel drive and was never home during storms. Out playing in the snow was something we looked forward to. Now , I stay home because of all the idjits. I’ll have to post my ice road near death story soon.


    • Funny, how us Old Farts used to go to empty lots and found out what the vehicle would do when Mr. Friction Coefficient approached zero. Don’t the snotflakes do this stuff any more? ALL my kids got trained that way.

      First time I lost traction on Front-Wheel Drive, though, I darn near peed my pants. Wasn’t expecting it to go in a straight line, I expected to fishtail!


        • I drove through a blizzard once with FWD. We were partying up at Lake Tahoe, and Sunday night when we stepped out of the casino, the blizzard was just ramping up. I was the only one remotely sober enough to drive, and we had to get back to Travis or we’d all be AWOL Monday morning. It wasn’t my car, but we put the chains on the front wheels, and cranked it up over the pass on Hwy89. It was slow going, but it was point the wheel where you wanted to go and we just S-turned around all the jack-knifed semis and other idjits spun out and stopped. As soon as we dropped below snow level in the Sacto valley, we pulled the chains off and we back on base by midnight.


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