The good news is the shit is actually starting to melt here in the day time.

The bad news is that I gotta go to work tonight and they are predicting a bunch more Freezing Rain between now and tomorrow morning.

So after I gargled down a half a cup of coffee I went out and cleared off the windshield and the nose of the truck and cranked it up to let it run a bit while doing so.

I have a feeling that the city will have plowed the main drags around here which is going to be a pain because I have to have the cable chains on to even get onto the street but as soon as I get to the main road there won’t be that cushion of snow the chains need.

That means I won’t be going much over 25 mph most of the way to work.

It is what it is.

I normally leave about an hour early anyway so I will be leaving even earlier than that today.

It’s only seven miles one way according to my trip odometer but it is actually up hill the entire way there for the most part.

Which means it’s down hill on the way home.

I normally stop at a little Gas and Go type outfit and pick up a couple cans of Monster Energy drink to supplement the caffeine in the coffee because I can only drink so much coffee before it starts tearing my guts up.

10 hours of wandering around a huge plant on concrete and steel grate floors with steel toe boots on takes it out of me so I have to use High Test fuel to keep going after a bit.

It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone else manages to make it up there.

I figure if I can get up there in that damn Caballero in shit like this with cable chains on I should be fine in a full size truck.

I’m damn sure going to find out one way or another.

I’d also like to take a second here and say Thank You to you fine folks who have hit the Donation Button already.

I sent thank you Emails but want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you doing that.

24 thoughts on “OOF!

  1. A couple hundred pounds, back by the tail gate, helps. Studded snows help a lot more, but sometime ya gotta make due with what you got.
    Momentum is your friend – to a point.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. If your power’s still on, you’re doing good. We have friends down in Happy Valley (SE Portlandia), and they’re hunkered down without power.
    We like to snark about people who normally don’t deal with snow getting freaked out over it, but that freezing rain stuff, and the ice layer under the snow is serious enough to be damn careful with. People die just walking through the park blocks downtown, because large chunks of trees will come down on them from the ice.
    At least you know that chains of any sort have a max speed beyond which you can watch the idiots tear up their rigs as they pass you.

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    • My daughters are over in SE Portland and they were getting slammed with ice two days ago.
      My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Happy Valley and a lot of that is still kind of farm land out that way. Of course it’s probably all been built up since I have been out there.
      They were about a half mile up the road from the stables on the corner of Powell Blvd.


    • My brother lives in West Linn and as of tonight at 7:00pm 2-14 he still doesn’t have power and won’t until 11:00pm tonight at the earliest. He called and was asking what he needed to do to hook up a gene set to the house to at least run a refer, the furnace(gas at least) and plug and a light or two, he has a 4000W and I told him to have an electrician install a transfer switch off of his panel and that size should be adequate but to find out the refer watts and the furnace watts at the minimum to calculate his load.


      • He can run the freezer direct off the generator. Or he can flip the main circuit breaker off to isolate the house from the grid and make a double male 120 v extension cord to back feed juice through an outlet for one circuit in the house.


        • Yo can make a “generator transfer cord” out of a standard 10 or 12 gauge STRANDED wire (use type SO for toughness!) – make sure black to black and white to white and green to green. It’s important.
          Shut off your main breaker, ALL of your sub breakers, then turn on ONLY the ones you ABSOLUTELY need. DO NOT energize circuits that have electric motors (Refrigerators, furnaces) unless you have 1.7 times the wattage from the generator than the circuit draws. Electric motors draw a very high current for a short period of time when starting up. It’ll trip the generator breaker(s).
          I recommend you actually build a 240V transfer cord and pump electricity into the house by way of an electric stove outlet, a 240V outlet in your garage (for a welder, for example), or in my case the 240V plug that goes out to my RV. You see, half of your circuit breakers are on one side of the split-phase coming into your home, and the other half are on the other side. You could connect one half of your breaker panel, and Murphy will mean you will have some critical circuit on the other side. It’s best to go to a 240V connection.

          Yes, you can run extension cords to the equipment, but how do you plug your furnace in? *I* can jury rig a safe connection, most people can’t. The “transfer cord” (a 240V one) is the safest way to go if you are relatively clueless about house wiring… Have somebody like me check your hookup.

          Lastly, and this is important: SHUT OFF THE MAIN BREAKER FIRST BEFORE HOOKING UP THE GENERATOR!! i CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH!! Linemen working on the power lines have gotten the beejebers shocked out of them due to some nimnod that failed to do this. Then, DISCONNECT THE GENERATOR BEFORE THROWING THE MAIN BREAKER BACK ON!! People have had their generator fried when they forgot to do this. The commercially-installed transfer switch prevents this, but if you can’t afford it due to time or money, then be cautious and think things through… Or find somebody like me to assist you. Electricity is darn convenient and will kill you and burn your house down if you screw up. You should have seen some of the High Voltage/High Current stuff I used to work with…

          Best of luck, it’s gonna be a bad week.

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          • egorr, I do have an ASEE from many years ago (35) I was a scrub nurse for an Orthopedic Surgeon that was researching prosthetic interfaces using nerve conduction from muscles to command digit and wrist/ankle functions. He wanted someone in the OR during surgery that could troubleshoot electrical problems in the various components and wiring, he did not want a damn (his words) engineer critiquing his surgical techniques. he said it was bad enough during design/feedback phases of the prosthetic devices.
            Before starting my schooling for nursing, I worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in Livermore Calif as a High Voltage Wiring Technician on various Laser Fusion experiments leading up to and including the Shiva/Nova Fusion reactor. I worked on 5kv to 16kv capacitor installation and wiring and buss routing among other wiring projects. I am familiar with working on electrical systems Besides, a human or animal is just nothing but a chemical/electro battery…


      • That’s the kind of preps that need to be done well in advance of the emergency, which is why I was complimenting Phil on getting ahead of the game with chains and planning.
        A 4k generator should be more than adequate for a freezer and/or fridge and a gas furnace as both should be 120v. You need to know what surge startup their compressors need or you may not be able to run more than one at a time. A transfer switch is ideal, but if you don’t have it you need some heavy gauge extension cords and run them separated off of the household circuits.


  3. Freezing rain can build up on tree limbs which then fall on power lines and break them. Bad news if you haven’t had freezing rain in a good while and the trees have grown out over the lines.


    • Went 27 days without power in upstate NY during an ice storm back in ’98. Managed to survive thanks to a woodstove, 2 cords of firewood, a camping stove and a brace of oil lamps I got in Turkey for the daily power outages there.

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      • Most I’ve done so far is 3 days with fireplace and propane fired kitchen stove. Got down to 42. I keep thinking about a dual fuel generator – gas/propane


  4. for the price of two energy drinks, you can get a month’s worth of caffeine pills. sold on the shelves in the pharmacy grouped by sleep aids though are the opposite. No Doze and Vivarin are the big names. the generics are just as good for half as much.


  5. I just hook up my 6.5KW generator in my RV to the house (see my missive, above). With 97 gallons of gas in the RV tank, it’ll last me a week. I also run extension cords to the neighbors…


  6. RE: pickup truck traction – years back when i lived in the Snow Belt a firefighter friend gave me some empty AFFF (foam concentrate) 5 gallon plastic jugs. Spread sand in the driveway for a sunny summer day to dry throughly (left wet, it’ll freeze solid in the winter, so stir it with a rake a few times while it’s drying), shoveled it up and filled the jugs – about 90 lbs each filled – and built a 2X6 “ladder” structure bracketing the wheel well bed intrusions to hold 4 jugs on their sides between the wheel wells. The filled jugs stack 2 high so they don’t take up much garage space, with the built-in handles you can carry 2 at a time, and ~350 lbs directly over the axle helps traction a lot. If you run into ice, you’ve got sand to spread for traction.

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    • I run with my truck with ten, sixty pounds of tube sand, six hundred pounds of weight and I don’t have any problems negotiating most snow and ice conditions.


    • You can get by with a lot less weight if you put it as far back as possible. It’s all about the moment arm of weight past the back axle. I have a luggage rack that mounts in the receiver and would put weight on as if towing without the hassle of a trailer. Fortunately, my F250 is a heavy beast to begin with, and has all the weight I need even empty.
      I’ve known old farmers here who’ll put a bale of straw back by the tailgate, and soak it down to freeze overnight. If your winter days don’t get too warm, it’ll last through the slick season.


  7. Ha, that ain’t snow, and in a week it’ll all melt off. But it is a beotch having to deal with it ifn you’re not used to it. Weight (or just stop & pick up a fat chick at hookers-r-us) inna back of the camino & studded tires or chains are your friend in this crap. Front wheel drive is useful but harder to recover with in a skid, usually needing power applied when thats what you got yourself into this spot of iffy inna first place.
    Crap, I got over 4 ft and it’s still comin down, but thats 4 ft plus total since it started this shit back in October. But here it’s a yearly occurrence. I’d send ya’ll (I’m practicing my Texas drawl for when they form their own country {again} and I move to the land of the free) a pic ifn I could figger out how to send one, since I’m just a wee bit techno challenged…. Which is probably why I never had noises in my head either, mostly cause there’s gotta be something in there more than a vacuum…..


  8. That’s almost exactly what it looked like down here this morning. Down here being San Antonio, TX. About four inches of the white stuff and half an inch of packed ice/slush mix underneath. Haven’t had to deal with this stuff in a long time. Thankfully I still have my grain shovel and enough physical stamina to do mine, a neighbors, and help another neighbor finish his driveway. The best part is I can turn the thermostat way down because I’m plenty warm on the inside now. The bad part is it all started melting and tonight’s low temp, NOT wind chill, is expected to be 7F. Seven. Degrees. Fahrenheit. In San Antonio, TX.

    Fuck you, Joe Biden. Fuck. You.


    • Looks like Tejas is having fun with frozen windmills… I say the Ecoweenies should be living in the Great White North and have to subsist on “green” energy just to get a freakin’ clue just how “reliable” it is…


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