Trump Lawyer Shreds CBSN Talking Head Then Does A Literal Mic Drop. Must Watch!


KUDOS Mr. Van Der Veen!

We need to see more people calling out their slanted coverage and loaded questions right to their faces like this.


Standing O!

27 thoughts on “Trump Lawyer Shreds CBSN Talking Head Then Does A Literal Mic Drop. Must Watch!

    • Governor DeSantis had the best though. Look up what he told bidet in their phone conversation. That makes two mic drops of spectactular show.


  1. It should be a standard of our so-called legal system that any prosecutor or “orificer of the court” who lies, doctors evidence or withholds evidence be stripped of public office in perpetuity, prevented from ever again holding a law license or ever again working in any branch of the law or law enforcement, and sentenced to the same penalty that would have been imposed on the defendant, without possibility of parole, and their assets seized to pay the defendant’s legal bills and reimburse the defendant for wages lost whilst mounting a defense. Without regard to the ultimate guilt or innocence of the defendant. And that includes these assholes in Congress who failed to make their case, twice now, and are making rumblings about other actions to be taken.

    The fact that in this particular case it was Trump has no bearing on my statement; this same crap goes on every day in this country and generally, they get away with it. And it will keep on keeping on until there are serious consequences to be paid.

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    • I too have thought that those in the justice business, when found to have not followed the Constitutional precepts and laws and policies have their bar license stripped away, immediately jailed with no bail and suffer at least twice what would have been the penalty had the defendant had suffered if found guilty in a fair and just trial. That includes judges and magistrates. I would do away with Plea deals and make every trial a jury trial and that when given jury instruction the jury is taught about jury nullification and that judges are not the powerful final edict-or and that his role is to supervise the trial to move forward and keep discipline during the trial, that the jury is the true power and final arbitrator.


  2. These people won’t be the slightest bit embarrassed by these call outs. That’s the problem with libtards, they have not a gram of shame and/or not the slightest bit of intelligence to understand how embarrassed they should be.


      • That’s because they are sociopaths not pyschopaths look it up. Nothing we do or say bothers them. That’s what makes them evil and their judgement day comes same as ours.


  3. Bravo Mr. Van Der Veen. My house shares your contempt for main stream journalism. And she seemed like such a nice girl. Too bad she didn’t pick a more respectable career like pornography.

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  4. The asshole left will have their knives out in full force for this guy. He seems like a Person, like a Maga Party leader. Bravo for him!!


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